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ALERT : Change to May Half-Term dates: Half-term for students will start on Thursday 21st May 2020, online teaching will start again on Monday 1st June 2020. This is because your teachers are working on calculated grades

Note: You will have seen in the news that some schools/colleges are preparing for students to return on 1st June. This is not the case for us. Please continue with your learning at home until you hear otherwise.

Ardleigh Green Campus is open – only for those students that have been identified as needing to attend. All other Havering Campuses remain closed.

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Students Union

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As a Students' Union, we believe Havering College puts students' learning and achievement at the heart of everything it does. Our College prides itself on four core values:
  • Passionate about our learners' success and also the college's teaching and learning
  • Inclusive by positively promoting the diversity of our learners and by the recognising the blend of skills and talents of the staff
  • Innovative by being creative, resourceful, enterprising and having the courage to be different
  • Optimistic by striving for a high standard and positively inspiring others to expect the best

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We believe these four values are reflected in the day to day running and culture of the College.

The Students' Union and the College are continuously working in partnership to ensure every campus is a safe and inclusive environment for students to learn and achieve. It is essential that students feel they are respected and treated with dignity by our staff and other students.

This can only be achieved by:

  • All students and staff working together to create a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere for all
  • Adhering to the expectations set out in this Charter and the College's Student Code of Conduct

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Havering College Jumping Students

Our College is committed to:

  • Promoting an inclusive community that supports equality and diversity, where staff respect differences in relation to gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief, age and class
  • Treating students, staff and visitors with respect and dignity
  • Providing personal tutors/supervisors and a range of professional, dedicated advice services including support for students with additional learning needs
  • Providing general and specialist IT and library facilities, an online learning environment and other high-quality learning resources and spaces
  • Providing activities and support that enable development of the skills and personal qualities needed to prepare students for future employment and/or further study
  • Providing a safe and secure environment
  • Working with the Students' Union to provide a supportive environment
  • Listening to students; being open to constructive student feedback and encouraging and supporting student participation in shaping the quality of their experience
  • Providing support and advice to students in areas like careers, finance, health and wellbeing

In return, the expectation of you as a College student is to:

  • Be polite and courteous to all staff, students and visitors
  • Respect differences in relation to gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief, age and class
  • Respect and take reasonable care of the college property
  • Wear your identity (ID) card at all times whilst on College premises or taking part in activities connected with the College
  • Disclose your name and other relevant details or show an identity card to an officer or College staff member upon reasonable request
  • Keep your mobile telephones, tablets and other audible electronic equipment turned off whilst in teaching buildings and classrooms, unless a staff member has given you permission to use them as a part of the lesson
  • Refrain from taking food or drink into teaching buildings
  • Refrain from wearing caps, hats or hoods within the College
  • Refrain from smoking or using electronic vapour cigarettes outside of designated areas within the College premises
  • Avoid any anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood of the College, including nearby bus stops, railway stations and shops
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substances whilst on College premises or when attending trips
  • Not behave in a violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening, anti-social or offensive manner
  • Refrain from using offensive language or spitting
  • Not behave in a manner likely to cause injury or a risk of injury, and to adhere to health and safety requirements
  • Adhere to the College's ILT Acceptable Use Policy and avoid making or distributing photographic, video or audio recordings of members of staff, students or visitors of the College without their permission
  • Not be in possession of any weapon or object that could cause harm to others
  • Refrain from gambling on College premises
  • Dispose of litter appropriately
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As a Students' Union, we are committed to:

  • Creating a positive impact on every student by empowering the student voice
  • Representing the interests of the students of Havering College to the Corporation, College Management, local and national Government and other relevant authorities
  • Advancing the education of its members
  • Promoting the general welfare of students
  • Organising and encouraging recreational and social activities for students
  • Actively opposing prejudice and discrimination within the College
  • Promoting active student engagement in the local community and secure the best outcome for students

If you need further support or advice whilst studying here at the College, please visit Student Services or speak to a member of the Students' Union. 

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