Havering College
  • We also raised £260 for Macmillan on 24th November 2016
  • The Students’ Union also raised £400 for the Mayor’s Charity Appeal, which included Havering MIND, Diabetes UK, Havering Association for People with Disabilities (HAD)
  • Learner Voice StARs Conference invited Steve Wright from Route Puppets to attend and he ran a workshop to raise awareness of extremism and radicalisation
  • The Students; Union attended the Round Table event at NUS Head Quarters at Kings Cross, which was about mental health support within FE colleges
SEPTEMBER 2016 ‘Get Connected’ Month
Tuesday 6th: Quarles Further Education Welcome Event in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC)
Wednesday 7th: Ardleigh Green Further Education Welcome Event in ‘The Square’
Thursday 8th: Rainham Construction Centre Further Education Welcome Event in the Common Room
OCTOBER 2016 ‘Get Connected’ Month
The week commencing the 17th: Students’ Union Election
The week commencing the 24th: Higher Education reading week
25th: Further Education StARs’ Induction Celebration at Ardleigh Green
NOVEMBER 2016 Drug & Alcohol Awareness Month
16th: Higher Education StARs’ Training Evening
DECEMBER 2016 Sexual Health & Relationships Awareness Month
1st: World Aids Day
7th: Higher Education StARs’ first meeting
13th: Further Education StARs’ Speak Out Conference
JANUARY 2017 Healthy Mind & Body Awareness Month
31st: Further Education StARs’ Listen Ear Conference
FEBRUARY 2017 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Awareness Month
The week commencing the 6th: Higher Education Student Money Week
7th: Safer Internet Day
½ term week: Trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour
MARCH 2017 Careers & Employability Awareness Month
6th: National No Smoking Day
8th: Higher Education StARs’ second meeting
28th: Further Education StARs’ Made a Difference Conference
APRIL 2017 ‘Money On My Mind’ Awareness Month
MAY 2017 ‘Mellow May’ – activities and support to help students relieve stress & anxiety and to do something fun during their breaks.
8th: Higher Education StARs’ final meeting
17th: International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia
22nd: Students’ Union Elections
½ term week: Trip to Thorpe Park
Havering College