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Hygiene Matters in Hairdressing
The success of the Hornchurch College of Further Education hairdressing courses was demonstrated last week when prizes were presented by Mr. David Adamson, National President of the Hairdressing Federation.

Mr. P. Coe, chairman of the college hairdressing Advisory Committee, remarked that when the courses began three years ago it was never dreamed they would be such a success.

Yet today there are first class examination results, four types of course are planned for next year and employers are rapidly coming to appreciate the value of sending young apprentices to the college.

Mr. Adamson urged the apprentices to take advantage of the opportunities offered. He said the ancillary parts of the course were as important as practical salon work. In particular, he remarked: “Hygiene is far different from grandad’s day”.


First Year Day-Release Classes (Ladies’ Hairdressing):

  • Miss Pauline Care (Rona Drey, Collier Row)
  • Miss Pauline Cross (Dorothy Myhill, Shenfield)
  • Miss Pamela Dunning (Carol’s Brentwood)

First Year Full-Time Classes (Ladies’ Hairdressing):

  • N.H.F. (Redbridge and District Branch) Prize — Miss Maureen Gardiner
  • Special Prize for Practical Work — Miss Suzanne Davies

First Year Evening Classes (Gentlemen’s Hairdressing):

  • Mr. Barry Parnell (R. F. Parnell)
  • Mr. Bellamy (P. Coe, Dagenham)

Second Year Day-Release Classes (Ladies’ Hairdressing): N.H.F. (Redbridge and District Branch) Prize

  • Miss Lynda Mills (Anna Mieke, Wickford)

Second Year Full-Time Classes (Ladies’ Hairdressing): N.H.F. (Redbridge and District Branch) Prize

  • Miss Noreen Humphreys, Jayne Perrett

Second Year Full-Time Classes (Gentlemen’s Hairdressing): Hairdressers’ Technical Council Prize

  • Mr. Trevor Knight (R. F. Parnell, Romford)
  • Mr. John Franklin (H. Whitton, East Ham)

Third Year Day-Release Classes (Ladies’ Hairdressing): Hairdressers’ Technical Council Prize

  • Miss Susan Hartshoren (Paul Charles, Gidea Park)
  • Miss Wendy Pountney (Helena, Rochford)

Hairdressers Technical Council Entrance Examination:

  • Linda Baker
  • Rosemary Barnes
  • Susan Boyd
  • Janice Brown
  • Richard Byers
  • Leslie Chamberlain
  • Barbara Christian
  • Stephen Coatsworth
  • Maureen Colgate
  • Michael Cox
  • Jennifer Darvell
  • Susan Davis
  • Marion Deval
  • Deanna Diboll
  • Janet Everingham
  • Eileen Fifield
  • John Franklin
  • Kathleen Gilchrist
  • Janet Giles
  • Jennifer Haggerty
  • Julie Haines
  • Valerie Halstead
  • Ann Harding
  • Jennifer Hart
  • Susan Hartshorne
  • Peter Hewitt
  • Elizabeth Higgins
  • Dilys Holland
  • Georgina Hollowbread
  • Pamela Hughes
  • Noreen Humphreys
  • Pauline Lamb
  • David Lowe
  • Carol McCarthy
  • Janet Manktelow
  • Angela Mann
  • Margaret Meens
  • Lynda Mills
  • Jane Perrett
  • Pauline Pomphrey
  • Wendy Pountney
  • Susan Powell
  • Janet Reader
  • Beryl Roast
  • Hilary Smith
  • Patricia Tonks
  • Peter Waddell
  • Jean Wheatley
  • Roger Wilson
  • Ruth Wood
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