Havering College
Students Hear of Donkey Under Bed 5NEARLY 400 PEOPLE attended the annual reception and prizegiving in the Havering College assembly hall for students attending the college to study on pre-nursing and nursery nursing courses.

Those present included councillors and senior officers from Havering and neighbouring authorities, the Chairman and various members of the Governing Body, Hospital and Nursery Matrons, Head Teachers, staff and students with their parents and friends.

The Chairman, Miss D. Phillips. S.R.N., S.C.M., Matron of Harold Wood Hospital and a College Governor, welcomed the guests.

Principal F. J. Janes, M.A., who was attending the first prize giving since his appointment in January outlined the varied and interesting work undertaken by Nursery Nurses in training during their college course with its emphasis on practical work with children.


Referring to the Full-time and Day-release Pre-Nursing courses, the Principal emphasised that these courses offered a worthwhile and practical preparation for Nursing Training for girls and boys.

Too often boys failed to consider the opportunities which Nursing offered as a career. In conclusion he thanked the two Advisory Committees which worked so readily in advising the College on the content and organisation of these courses.

The principal guest was Mrs. A. B. Meering, S.R.N., S.C.M., H.V.Dip., M.R.S.H., a member of the National Nursery Examination Board Council and an authority and a pioneer in the field of Nursery Education.

Mrs. Meering, in presenting the prizes, wished the girls well in their future careers.


She herself had been a nurse, a midwife and a nursery nurse.

Recalling the changes which had taken place in these professions : she remembered a hospital where nurses slept on straw ; how she had once visited a home to attend a mother in childbirth to find aa donkey under the bed : how she had visited a day nursery which possessed both a piano and a pianist but had not even thought of using music with the children.

Mrs. Meering welcomed the present day developments by which Technical Colleges worked in close harmony with hospitals, nurseries, and nursery-schools in providing a varied and practical training for those seeking careers in these important fields of work.

Miss Ridd. Children’s Officer for Southend, thanked Mrs. Meering and expressed the hope that some of the girls present would emulate the achievements of Mrs. Meering in their careers. The vote of thanks was seconded by Miss Prudence Bell. A second year nursery nursing student. Under training with Dr. Barnardo’s.

Havering College