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Tailor Made Steaks 2Many people still think of teaching as a humourless prfession and they retain memories of the stern-faced schoolmasters of their youth. 

But the Principal of Havering Technical College, MR. F. J. JANES, brought a smile to the faces of students and parents at a college prize-giving.

Mr. Janes told a story of an ex-pupil who was determined to succeed.

When Mr. Janes was teaching at a college in the North, one of the students on a butcher's training course was missing from college one day. When Mr. Janes asked what had happened he was told that the lad had burnt down the shop and been sacked.

He was surprised when a few weeks later he saw him back at the college. When asked what had happened the lad told him that he was now working as a tailor. "And they let you off to attend a butchers course?" inquired Mr. Janes. "Well I did not exactly tell them what sort of course it was," answered Jimmy.

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