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Model Girl Dies in Crash 3

Sports car tragedy - student killed on mother’s birthday

Susan Muller... death crash victim on her mother's birthday.

MODEL Susan Muller’s world of racing and fast cars ended in tragedy on Tuesday – her mother’s birthday.

She was a death crash victim only hours after giving her mother Mrs. Elsie Muller a birthday card.

The message on the card was: “I’d be lost without you.”

Doctors fought to save Susan’s life after her boy friend’s sports car – a TR4 – crashed, but she died in Chelmsford Hospital.

The accident happened at Woodham Ferres, in Essex, a few miles from the country town.

Susan’s boy friend, Colin Richards, 19, of Stradbroke-drive, Chigwell, escaped serious injury and was allowed home after treatment.

Susan, 19, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Muller, of Brookdale-avenue, Upminster, was a frequent visitor to Brands Hatch.

Said her mother: “She was a lovely looking girl and bubbling with life. I can’t believe she is dead. She had a fantastic knowledge of sports cars and liked to attend Brands Hatch.”

Susan was an art student at Ardleigh Green College and also modelled for a local hairdresser. Her boy friend was a student at the college and they had been courting for two months.

At lunch-time on Tuesday they drove to Upminster shopping centre, where Susan bought her mother a special lipstick and a card.


Said Mrs. Muller: “She gave me the present and card and said they were going for a spin in the car because it was such a nice afternoon.

“About 4.15 I was told the news. We saw Colin at the hospital. He was very upset and dazed.”

Added Mrs. Muller, whose husband is a Ford’s worker: “She was learning to drive herself and hoped to have her own sports car one day. The day before this happened they had been to Brands Hatch.”

An inquest opens today and the funeral is at Corbets Tey on Tuesday.

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