Havering College
Hello For 200 New Teachers 2A “welcome to Havering” a meeting will be given for the 200 new teachers who are joining the staff of local schools following a successful recruiting drive.

Hornchurch College of Further Education will be used for the occasion on Wednesday, Havering Education Committee were told on Tuesday.

The committee heard that each of these teachers had been appoint by interview.

With these additions, the staffing position of local schools was generally good although a few specialised teachers were still needed.

Chairman, Cllr. Norman Richards (RA), told members:  “Our recruitment has been so successful that we are now substantially above the quota of teachers we need.”

 “I think we must congratulate the education staff on their success”.

Cllr, Richards added: “However, we still have to slow down the turnover of the staff we have each year. It is reasonably high.”

He explained: “Each year we lose about 20 per cent of our staff – which works out at about 200. We must slow this down”.

There are more than 1,588 teachers in Havering.

Havering College