Havering College
I Say This New Boy Is a Girl 2
Sssh! Keep it dark, chaps but, when it comes to soccer, that new pupil in the mechanical engineering class at Ardleigh Green Technical College doesn’t seem interested…

That manly sport, alas is out. Instead, table tennis is on the agenda.

Which may offend the masculine sports enthusiasts. But don’t worry, fellows. The “new boy” is a GIRL.

Former Abbs Cross schoolgirl, Lynne Mead, 16, is the only girl in the ten-strong class.

And the boys think it’s marvellous.

Lynn, of front-lane, Cranham, is the first girl to take mechanical engineering at the college.

After leaving school with seven “O” levels, Lynne decided she wanted to become a draughtswoman.

Said her mother Mrs Beryl mead: “Her father is a toolmaker and I think she has been influenced by him.

“I just don’t know what Lynne is talking about when she brings her work home. But she and her dad get on very well.”

Havering College