Havering College
Girl With the Bronze Touch 2Commercial student Janet Gibbons, 19, is a girl with success at her fingertips.

At Havering Technical College’s commerce department reception and prize giving last week. Janet was presented with the coveted RSA bronze medal for typing.

Janet, of Peterborough Avenue, Cranham, was a student on the Ordinary National Diploma of Business Studies Course.

The audience at the reception included students on all the college courses from 16yearold full-timers to married women taking a break from housekeeping chores to train as secretaries.

Secretarial section Miss Julia Merrit, Miss Frances Dixon, Mrs. E. Faires, Mrs. Brenda Lucas, Miss Rosaleen Shanaham, Miss Lynn Burr, Miss Ann Whiskin, Miss Jean Smith, Miss Christine Nicol.

Secretarial evening courses shorthand, Miss Kathleen Warne. Typewriting, Mrs Byrne.

Business studies Mr. Peter Livan, Miss Hilary Paton. Day release Mr. Kenneth Crooks, Mrs. Reginald Steward, Mr. Paul Harwood, Mr. John Freeman.

Retail distribution Miss C. Kerridge, Miss M. Evans, Mr. D .Wilson. Day release Mr. D. Ovendon, Mr. A. Tulk, Mr. D Cook, Mr. T. Dickerson, Mr. R. Spence, Mr. D. Spivey, Miss J. Langstone, and Miss Margret Moore.

Havering College