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More Staff But Schools Face Mini Axe 2School libraries and redecoration of classrooms are being trimmed back in a move to keep the rates down in Havering without directly affecting children’s education.

The school meals service is to be streamlined and £3,950 will be saved by putting off the new language laboratory.

The schools’ library book fund, Nuffield science Equipment, administration equipment, grants to London university and community associations and internal decoration at schools have been cut by the Council’s education committee.

The axe order came from Havering’s Policy committee who asked that the Education Service’s estimated expenditure for the coming financial year be reduced from £8,088,890 to £7,941,100.

Committee chairman, Cllr. Norman Kemble – who submitted a schedule of cuts to members last week said in a statement: “My first priority is to continue to maintain an adequate teaching force.

The Best

“In my view it is vitally important the committee should at least continue to maintain the present overall pupil-teacher ratios in our schools. And that we should also continue to give priority in the recruitment of teaching staff to those reducing numbers of primary and secondary schools which still have difficulties.

“At the same time we should provide sufficient additional teachers to meet the needs of the increasing number of pupils in those schools where the numbers on roll continue to grow.”

Cllr. Kemble aims to continue to maintain the closest possible consultation and co-operations with teachers’ representatives in Havering. He wants them to be reassured there’s every intension to maintain the best possible education service in Havering. But total expenditure must be kept in proportion to the requirement of other council services.

“I am hopeful that such adjustments as are now necessary to the draft estimates will prove to be both partible and in the right order of priority,” said Cllr. Kemble.

The Cuts

Cuts include: schools meals service provision - a cut of £5,660, (which members hope will be achieved by good management of the service);

Administrative equipment in schools offices – cut by £1,250; Language Laboratory – proposal postponed £3,950 saved; School’s library service book find cut of £5,000 ; London University annual grant of £3,815 cut to £1,000; community associations grants of £2,500 reduced to £1,905; schools meals service equipment cuts by £2,000.

Nuffield science equipment rduce3d from £10,000 to £8,000; Dycourts special schools building adaptations cut by £1,525; internal redecoration £18,000; school meals service renewal of kitchen floors, cuts by £4,000; new furniture cut of £3,910; partially hearing unit, additional staff £2,750 cut ;Havering Technical College , additional staff – saving of £5,265 and additional instructors at adult area colleges saving of £1,410.

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