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Plan to Stop College Building Is AxedA plan backed by a former Education committee chairman to turn one of the borough’s secondary schools into a technical college extension has been quashed by Havering Council.

Cllr. Norman Richards (RA) proposed a reorganisation of secondary schools to avert the need to build an extension for havering college.

He told last week’s council meeting that it would save about £200,000.

Cllr. Richards asked that a recommendation in a report made by a project team should go back to the Education Committee for further consideration.

But his amendment was defeated by 46 votes to 12 after committee chairman Cllr. Norman Kemble (Con.) said it was important to persevere all secondary school places.

The project team’s recommendation will now be included in the council’s capital programme for 1969/70 and work on the extension will begin in the spring of 1970. For completion in the autumn of the following year.

Cllr. Richards said that the £518,000 needed for the extension would mean loan charges of £50,000 per year.


“It will mean raising the rates another d5,” he said. “We believe the matter should be scrutinised with a little more care. We think we can save about £200,000 on the capitals project by using an existing school.”

Cllr. Richards has said a Harold Hill school has had some 640 empty places, and added: “with careful planning and organisation, we feel it is possible to use one of our secondary schools for the extension.”

Cllr. Kemble said the alternative plans would involve the closing of a secondary school, and moving children to two other schools in the area.

“This is a massive problem,” he said. “It is important to preserve all secondary school places in the borough as more will be needed in the future.”

Image Caption: Norman Richards "We could save about £200,000."

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