Havering College

40 Compete in Hairdressing Competition 2

Hairdressing pairs left to right (hairdresser above, model below) Jackie Nash and Elizabeth Kirby (4th); Sharon Morrad and Mrs. Anne Lamb (3rd) ; Stephen Plapperet and Jean Sanderson (2nd); Susan Shires and Sandra Slate (1st).

More than 40 apprentice hairdressers and college students competed in a hairdressing contest at Havering Technical College on Monday.

The winner was Susan Shires, 17 of Leigh-on-Sea, second was Stephen Plapperet, 18, of Southend – one of the few boys who entered the contest, and third Sharon Morrad, 16, of Dulverton Road, Harold Hill.

The competition was organised by the college, Havering Education Committee and Redbridge branch of the National Hairdressers’ Federation.

It was open to hairdressing apprentices and part and full-time college students.

Cllr. Mrs. Joyce Collins, vice-chairman of the college’s board of governors, presented the awards.

Havering College