Havering College
Power Clash Over College Cash Cut 2Havering councils biggest spending committee the education committee which is responsible for more than 6 million of the ratepayers money was rapped smartly across the knuckles by Finance chairman Alderman Ken Hay on Wednesday he has ordered a thorough investigation into havering College for Further Education and the way it spends its quarter of a million estimate writes Maren.

He has ordered the Borough insurer in conjunction with the Chief Education Officer to look in to how much courses are costing to put on and weather running expenses can be trimmed aid hays intervention came after the Education Committee.

Tried to reinstate money cut to fix this year’s rate the Education Committee were told on Tuesday the College needed more staff and it would cost about £6500

The committee said it thought the money could be taken from other viaments within the college.

It recommended the Finance committee to authorise the money and told them it was essential to the good running of the college in the coming year.

Ald Hay told Finance committee members he was unwilling to accept that the money could be found from within the college and ordered the report from the Borough treasurer to be ready for the next council meeting on the 1 May.

This is the latest in a series of tussles between the two committees in effect they are power struggles which began when havering became its own Education authority in 1964.


The Tory/RA administration delegated a number of powers to the Education Committee hoping to stream line the council procedure many councillors then thought it would be dangerous and Alderman Laurie Carroll was kicked out of the Labour group until he apologised for voting with the administration when the powers were handed over.

At Wednesdays meeting of finance it took two votes to throw out the Education Committees recommendations  members were faced with the dilemma of voting on the policy matter of holding the Education Committee in check or providing the money which the Education Committee said was a must for the College.

Havering College