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College Axe Reprieve 2After a bitter discussion the estimates Havering Technical College were increased by £15,000 at the boroughs Education Committee last week.

Cllr. Terry Booton (Lab.)  a college governor, said the college could not meet its requirements on what was left after earlier financial pruning.

He said the money was for the courses witch had already started and needed to be continued if the £15,000 was not forthcoming other courses would have been axed this means “sending the students outside the borough involving more expense” he said.

Cllr. Norman Richards committee chairman said the college had already been voted for increases of £26,000 over the last year’s figures.

They must do their housekeeping and exercise the same care as the rest of us he said

Despite troy opposition cllr Booton won his motion by 15 votes to 14.

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