Havering College
Stripping for a Shilling 2Police have broken up a party of Havering and Rush Green Technical College's students in Romford market place on Wednesday.

About 30 students who were raising funds for their Rag Week charity - children’s lung diseases, cystic fibrosis, were told to move on after their "girl auction" and were turned out of Stones Stores when they approached the customers.

For their auction, about six girls were to take off an item of their clothing in exchange for a shilling. They made about a shilling.

Pearson said: “We're doing quite well, but the police are in a position to move us on when we try to hold an auction because we can’t get a stall - holders' licences.

"But we are trying to get a stall - holder to let us use his stall for our publicity”. 

More than 200 students of both colleges were involved in the Rag Week activities. These included a drinking contest at the Coopers Arms, Dagenham, on Thursday, a sponsored walk to Southend on Friday, and a dance on Saturday.

They expect to know shortly how much was raised. 

Havering College