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Firms Set the Pace in Training 4A round about now in schools throughout the land youngsters are looking forward to taking up their first job.

Feelings among them are undoubtedly mixed - some anticipatory, some fearful. But one thing they will have in common they know what they want.

And industry has learned to make the most of the raw material pouring out of the classrooms. Nearly every major concern has some sort of training or apprenticeship scheme and local firms are no exception.


Roneo of Romford have a particularly enlightened scheme arranged to provide sound training in workshop practice and continued technical education intended to assist apprentice’s quality for more responsible positions in the engineering industry.

The scheme is divided into two categories for the General Engineering (Craft) apprentices and the Technical apprentice.        

All successful applicants start as Craft apprenticeship being offered to selected boys after completion of their third year.

Apart from the first year “off-the-job” work at Havering Technical College Training School apprentices receive training in many different departments.

These includes-tool stores inspection milling tool inspection drilling turning maintenance machine design tool drawing plant drawing the tool room press shop and experimental department. Plastic is a modern word describing a modern product needing modern up to date thinking.

Porous Plastic Ltd. are offering good prospects for school leavers wanting to become laboratory assistants.

Anyone joining the firm would be dealing with work connected with the development of plastics one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

They require a minimum of four GCE “O” levels including maths and science or “A” levels in chemistry and science.


Training includes day release courses up to the standard of Higher National Certificate in chemistry.

The feminine chore of sewing could be the way to bigger things for girls leaving school. Lovable Co. Ltd. of Harold Hill have a training scheme consisting of a six-week course on various types of machining under the guidance of a super visor.

Overdak Engineering Co. Ltd. of Hutton train school leavers to become sheet metal-workers. These boys are encouraged to attend day release classes at Chelmsford and receive complete training in the manufacture of sheet metal components.

Ever Ready Co. (Great Britain) Ltd. offer excellent facilities for youngsters at their Dagenham factory. Boys with GCE or CSE including maths science technical drawing and metal work are given a four-year apprentice-ship.


This starts in a training centre on the premises. They undertake a three-year planned course covering department such as works study production engineering quality control and development work.

At BIG engineering of Brentwood the lead comes from the top. A leading advocate of industrial training is managing director, Mr. James Scott who was one of the men involved in setting up the Engineering Training Centre at Havering Technical College. His firm produces plastic vials for spirit levels.

Globe Pneumatic Engineering Co. Ltd. of Harold Hill specialise in equipment for all types of industry and have a large apprenticeship scheme for both craft and technical officers.

At S. & L. Deyong Ltd. who supply lingerie and outwear for Mark and Spencers among others in the accent is firmly on youth.

First-class training and career prospects are offered including part-time release courses at technical college.

Marconi who make everything electrical from missile guidance systems to colour TV offer students transferable apprenticeships throughout the country. When training is complete there is also the chance of short-term service overseas.

For boys there are craft apprenticeships and for boys and girls technical apprenticeships are available. Post-graduation training is also undertaken for young men and women leaving universities.

But a career in the retail trade also offers varying and worthwhile opportunities. Stones of Romford who are always on the lookout for versatile and sensible youngsters have arranged courses in buying management display and selling at Hornchurch College of Further Education.               

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