Havering College
Industry Says Thank You 2Havering Technical College and Havering Council this week received a “pat on the back” from local industry.

For after starting a training scheme in the 1966 the college has opened a new £37500 engineering work shop.

And last week the work shop it will cater for 36 first year trainees from local firms was officially opened by education chairman Cllr. Norman Richards.

Mr. C. J. Scott chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Advisory Committee set up last year to help local industry thanked the college and Havering Council for the tremendous amount of work they had done.

Another “thank you” came from Mr. Harold Midhurst representing the Engineering Industrial Training Board.

A pilot scheme was started nearly two years ago when four employers asked the college if they could provide first year training.

Later the number of firms interested grew to 25 and an advisory committee of local employers was set up.

The council gave approval for a workshop at the cost of £25,000 for a building and £12,500 for equipment.

The completion of the building in only three months meant the trainees could move in during the November of 1967, which was tremendous achievement.

Havering College