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Hurst Kidnapped Outside Home 2Public spirited Geoff Hurst went to help at an accident outside his home on Thursday, but his charity hit the pockets of West Ham supporters.

For no sooner had the West Ham and England star footballer reached his front gate in Gloucester Road, Hornchurch, he was bundled in a car and driven to Rush Green College where he was held to ransom for £100. The “accident” had been staged by students of Rush Green College who were holding a combined rag week to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis research.

Geoff offered little resistance to his kidnappers because he was suffering from a back injury and besides, beautiful Pat Wilson, the rag queen, did a very good job of enticing him away. Just incase he didn’t want to be enticed there were also three boys there to help persuade him. While negotiations were going on between the rag committee and West Ham supporters club, Geoff was kept busy selling raffle tickets and signing autographs. Students let him go after an hour when the supporters club agreed to make a donation.

A spokesman for the students union said: “Obviously they weren’t going to cough up £100 but they did promise to donate some money. We also raised £5 from raffle tickets Geoff Hurst sold”.   

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