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Students Paper Starts Filthy Jokes Row 3Students Mary Barett and Gilda Griffiths with the magazine that start it all.

Four girl students of Rush Green College of Further Education produced their first ever rag magazine this week and promptly ran into complaints that the magazine had “filth on every page”.

The magazine which is helping to raise cash for the joint rag organised by Rush Green and Havering Technical College was also condemned as “not fit to be shown to 16-years old coming to the two colleges.” Said Mr Frederick Janes Principal of Havering Technical College on Wednesday: “ I don’t think I will allow it to be sold at the college.”


Producers of the magazine at Rush Green College feared that the Principal, Mr. Dennis Riley, would not allow any more copies to be sold or printed. Mr. Riley said later: “Obviously we can’t have college work interfered with by any re-printing.”

The magazine a typical student publication contains a wide variety of articles and notes and sells at 1s. 6d. in aid of Cystic Fibrosis funds. The first edition of 525 copies was sold out in two days.

There is one joke about a homosexual sparrow another begins: “Why has Father Christmas got no children?” There are bedroom jokes and jokes with sexual double meaning.

At Havering Technical College. Mr Janes said on Wednesday: “This magazine was produced without my knowledge. I have just seen a copy of it. Some of the jokes seem to be in dubious taste. I shall be seeing the student body as soon as I can.


On Thursday morning he issued a statement through his secretary, saying: “The Rag magazine is typical of those produced by university and technical colleges. Like beer it is not to everyone’s taste. But that in itself is not a cause for banning its production or distribution.”

Said Mr. Riley at Rush Green on Wednesday: “I am a little disturbed about my name appearing in the magazine.

Said one of the magazine producers, Mary Barrett, on Wednesday: “We were a bit upset by all this. It is a very mild rag magazine compared with some others. We vetted it very strictly and threw out a lot of contributions which were in bad taste”

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