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Careers ConferenceA study conference organised by the youth employment and Careers Advisory service of Havering and Barking was held at the Havering Technical College on 18 and 19 of November. Mr. D. H. Wilcockson, B.A.M.Ed, Havering Chief Education officer opened the conference which was attended by over 100.

Speakers included Mr. R. D. Salter-Davies CBE. Chief Inspector of the department of Education and Science, Dr. P. Daws, Department of Psychology, University of Leeds, and Mr. E. A. Ferguson, Chairman of the Central Youth Employment and Executive.

It emerged from the conference that careers guidance should be seen in a wider context than hitherto as guidance for living and not just working: with all the staff in a school and not just the careers teacher taking an active part with the youth employment and careers advisory service in helping young people to make decisions for themselves about themselves and about the demands of adult life. A closer liaison between schools and colleges of further and higher education was stressed.

There are one lively, sometimes heated, discussion about how these findings could be put into practice. The conference was felt to be a good starting point for others along the same lines.

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