Havering College
Nursery Class Too PopularA course for pre-school playgroup leaders at Dury falls evening college attracted so manuy women that after 36 has been enrolled almost as many had to be turned away.

The course is the third of its kind to be run by the havering and barking pre-school play grounds association and is designed to train mothers in handling of nursery groups.

One of the officers, Mrs. Doris Milne said; “there really is a tremendous interest in this- the association have only been going since January,

“There have already been two courses, but one will be a two-term course and it is unfortunate that we have had to turn so many people away.”

However, there is a possibility that one day course will be established at hornchursh college of further education in Ardeligh Green Road.

The Dury Falls course includes lectures by a child psychiatrist and a speech therapist.

Havering College