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My Lord Presents College Prizes To Own Employees
Lord Sainsbury, guest at Hornchurch College of Further Education on Monday, found himself presenting many of the students’ retail trades course prizes to his own employees.

Of 23 awards of endeavour and exceptional examination successes 11 went to part-time students who work in Sainsbury retail businesses. 

Stressing the need for all retail staff of the future to be comprehensively trained Lord Sainsbury said Hornchurch College had admirably recognised this need.

Endeavour prizes: Institute of Meat Development Courses – 1st year, David Cook (Williams Brothers); John Maney (J. Sainsbury); 2nd Year, John Haseltine (J. Sainsbury); 3rd year, Peter Cockle (George Cockle); 4th year, Colin Tomlinson (J. Sainsbury).

Certificate in Office Studies – 1st year, Joy Blasdale (London Transport Executive); 2nd year, Philip Walter (Penarth Engineering).

Grocers’ Institute Examination Courses – 1st year, Raymond Gordon (J. Sainsbury); 2nd year, Alan Reed (J. Sainsbury).

Retail Trades Junior Certificate – 1st year, Pauline Mathews (L. F. Stone and Sons). National Retail Distribution Certificate – 1st year, Graham Woodcock (L. F. Stone and Sons); Commerce and Selling Course- 1st year full-time, Robert Evans.

Prizes for exceptional examination successes:

Grocers’ Institute book tokens – Richard Bourke, Steven Dallimore, Ian Eggleton, Frank Oates, Alan Reed, Kenneth Shaw (all from J. Sainsbury); John Gymer (L. F. Stone and Sons), Philip Walton (Kealey and Tonge).

Certificate in Office Studies-Michael Perry (Ind Coope); Commerce and Selling-Brian Buckle (John Lewis); Institute of Meat Basic Craft Certificate-Michael Hook (John Mason).

Image Caption: Lord Sainsbury takes a look at one of the prizes at Hornchurch College of Further and Higher Education. Students (from left) are: Colin Tomlinson, John Haseltine, Alan Reed, Ian Eggleton, Raymond Gordon and Steven Dallimore (H).
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