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Firms Keen To Snap Up Students
It’s wonderful to get out into the big wide world and earn one’s living-but how much more attractive it is to do so in a congenial, well-paid job.

An open sesame to all worthwhile jobs is proper training of the type provide at Hornchurch College of Further Education in Ardleigh Green.


In fact the college jave 100 vacancies for full-time students in September. Courses offer wonderful opportunities for school-leavers with ‘O’ Level, C.S.E., or without certificates of any kind.

Students need not wait until they get examination results. Contact the college immediately. You’ll be told if you’ve won a place 14 days after the interview.

“We charge no tuition fees for these full-time day courses,” said a college spokesman. “City and Guild and other professional standards can be achieved .”

He added: “Havering firms are only too keen to snap up the students we train and they keep us posted about staff requirements.”


The college will even accept 15-year-old school leavers. Courses include engineering, toolmaking, radio and TV and motor mechanic. For the more technically minded there is a splendid course in draughtsmanship.

An S.R.N. pre-nursing course is available for girls with ‘O’ levels. Even the girl without this qualification need not be debarred from a nursing career. A practical nursing course is ideal for the girl who is keen to nurse but not to study.

Office life does not suit every girl and there are many other occupations she can be trained to follow including that of laboratory assistant or hairdresser.

Many courses are equal to apprenticeships. Excellent secretarial courses are also available.

Image Caption: One day these bright and alert girls will become part of the nursing staff of some great hospital-today they are receiving initial training at Hornchurch College of Further Education’s pre-nursing course.

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