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Careet Courses Lead to Good PostsLEAVING School? Want a good job? Why not take one of the eight new CAREER COURSES at the Hornchurch College of Further Education next September. They provide first class opportunities for school leavers with or without G.C.E. "0" level passes.

The HAIRDRESSING COURSE requires no G.C.E. passes and in two years girls can obtain the City & Guilds Certificate which normally takes three years by day release. They can then take jobs as trained hairdressers recognised by the Employers' Association and the Ministry of Labour.


For the would be NURSE - one Pre-Nursing Course will be for the girl with two G.C.E. "0" level passes, including English Language, who hopes to train for the S.R.N. qualification. The other will be for the girl without G.C.E.'s who has a real desire to help people, but prefers subjects like Cookery and Needlework to English and Arithmetic. This course twill lead to training for the S.E.N. qualification.

Girls who wish to become SECRETARIES will have the choice of three one-year courses. Two of these will be for those who have not studied Shorthand and Typewriting at school. One requires three G.C.E. "0" level passes, the other demands no such entry qualification. The third course is for the girl who has studied these subjects at school. In all three courses most students should obtain R.S.A. 80 w.p.m. Shorthand and 40/50 w.p.m. Typewriting certificates by the end of the year. Many will obtain 100/110 w.p.m. Shorthand and 40/50 w.p.m. Typewriting speed certificates.

The two year Ordinary National Diploma course in Business Studies will be an excellent course for the school leaver - boy or girl - with hopes of a career in BUSINESS or COMMERCE. It is a recognised qualification, and the subjects can give exemption from the first examinations in such professions as Advertising, Accountancy, Banking and Insurance. Three "0" level passes, including English Language, are required.


Young people lacking these passes who hope to take up OFFICE WORK or progressive employment in SELLING may take the one year course in COMMERCE and SELLING. This can lead to "0" level passes and to the nationally recognised Certificate in Office Studies, as well as the City & Guilds Retails Trades Junior Certificate; three worthwhile certificated in one year.

For those keen on ENGINEERING there will be a college course for the 16 year old who wishes to become a first class CRAFTSMAN. Practical and theoretical subjects in Mechanical Engineering, Motor Vehicle Repair Work and Radio and T.V. Servicing will be studied leading eventually to the City & Guilds certificates. The year spent on the course will count towards the five year apprenticeship. For the leaver with four G.C.E. "0" level passes who aims to be-come a TECHNICIAN or DRAUGHTSMAN or even, in due course, a PROFES-SIONAL ENGINEER, there will be the two year Ordinary National Diploma course in Engineering.


Local employers have worked very closely with the College in devising these new, CAREER OPPORTUNIES, and it is hoped to include actual job experience as part of each course. In addition, there will be help in securing employment for students completing the courses successfully.

One last point - there are no fees to pay, and grants may be available in certain circumstances.

The number of students that can be accepted is limit and 'early application to the College is advised.

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