Havering College

Train in Half the Time This Way

Hornchurch College of Further Education have more than sixty vacancies for school-leavers in their new training courses which begin in September. The college provides training for draughtsman, professional, mechanical and electrical engineers. Classes are available in commerce and selling for potential secretaries, shorthand typists and clerks and there are also pre-nursing and hairdressing courses.

All training programmes provide periods of industrial and commercial experience. Said college principal Mr. A. V. Ebdon: “Students on the commerce and selling course spend six days over the Easter holidays working in local offices and shops.”

“Mechanical engineers get the opportunity to try their hand at the kind of work they will be doing in the future when they visit local firms. For nurses and other students there are visits to medical museums and safety exhibitions.”

A course at the Hornchurch college is often a swift way to gain qualifications. Engineers complete in one year the course which takes two years if they go straight into employment and take a day release course. A mechanical engineer will finish his term at college with not only the City and Guilds Mechanical Engineering Intermediate Certificate but the Motor Vehicle Intermediate Certificate too.

“Two for the price of one,” said Mr. Ebdon. Students at Horn-church have excellent prospects of employment. The college has good connections with local firms keen to take trained youngsters. “We limited our in-take to the number of vacancies we know are about in local industry,” said Mr. Ebdon.

He added: “I want to make it plain there are no fees of any kind on these courses. The college is provided as a local service. In fact it is often possible to obtain grants towards maintenance.” The college provides places for 100 full-time students, 1,400 on part-time and day release courses and 500 evening students.

Havering College