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The Jubilee Restaurant 870 584ss

It is now time for Jamie Oliver and Gordan Ramsey to move over. Havering students are preparing to take over the catering industry. Lecturers at Havering College know how hard it is to break into the catering industry with so many teenagers now aspiring to be the next upcoming chef. However with The Jubilee Restaurant based at the Quarles Campus in Harold Hill now offering the opportunity for 16-18 year olds to get real life cooking and waitering experience it is now not seeming so impossible.

The Jubilee restaurant was mentioned in The Havering Resident’s November 2016 edition magazine a luxury London lifestyle magazine published by Archant which is the fifth largest regional newspaper publisher in the whole of the UK

Tony Pecoraro is the manager of The Jubilee Restaurant and also a food service lecturer, Tony has said that “Many students do go onto working in a lot of top class places such as Dorchester in London”.

With furnished white cloth tables & a bar, The Jubilee Restaurant has a sophisticated vibe that students support with their professional attire. So the student-lead restaurant in Harold Hill has the same feel as your top restaurant in the centre of London. The students are supported by a network educator to enhance their skills in preparation for their careers.

The restaurant doesn’t only help build the students’ self-esteem it also teaches hands-on skills which is a win-win situation.

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