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Foundation Learning Student Challenge

You hear it in the class room all the time “I’m better than you” “No, I’m better than you”, but just who really is the best? Well there was only one way to find out - bring on The Student Challenge!!

On the 23rd June, School of Inclusive & Foundation learning ran an Activity Day that was in a class of its own. Staff conceived a range of activities which would really put their students to the test. These included physical games such as penalty shootouts, shooting hoops and obstacle courses alongside mental challenges such as a memory testing sequence and a game to match football teams to their national flags. In order to challenge coordination and practical skills, staff created a game involving the transfer of balls from one box to another, but with competitors being restricted to using only one hand. A further activity was to build the highest tower. These various timed games were devised to cover students’ diverse aptitudes and abilities. It was an exciting day and fellow team mates encouraged individuals at every challenge they undertook.

The overall aim of the day, aside from having fun, was to promote the concept of challenge and to explore various levels of competence and capability. After the activities had been completed, but before the winners were announced, the teams were tasked with discussing individuals’ strengths and deciding, as a group, who they expected to be the winners.

The successful team was Entry F, led by enthusiastic personal tutor, Claire McReynolds. Her team went on to challenge a staff member team and again, they were victorious.

The tutors were delighted with the extent of engagement by all the groups. They were particularly impressed with the students’ acceptance that, despite the difficulties and the disappointment that failing to succeed can bring about, it’s the taking part that really counts.

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