Havering College

Digital Show London 2016 800

Size really doesn’t matter when it comes to the effectiveness of a good stand at any exhibition, just ask the Marketing team.

Havering went to the Copper Box Arena, Olympic Park London to exhibit at the Techmix Digital Careers Show. An event launched by Boris Johnson as part of the £5m programme to ensure young Londoners have the digital skills they need to access jobs in London’s thriving technology sector.

The stand was only 3x3 which could give the impression they were a small player but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Because they used the space to its full potential, they managed to transform it in to one of the most popular stands at the venue. By opening the stand up and bringing it to life with VR headsets, computer games and engaging staff, Havering College’s stand was a hive of interaction noted by other exhibitors.

So when you want an event to run successfully, it’s always good to think outside the exhibiting “box”

Havering College