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Welcome to our Governance pages

The Corporation provides appropriate support and challenge to the college’s senior management team, contributing to strategic oversight of the college.

Governors are professional people from various areas of industry outside the college, with a variety of skills and expertise. The Governors have close working links with the college's senior management, but are not involved in the management of the college. Students and staff are represented on the Governing Body.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Corporation

The Governing Board as a whole and individual governors have a central role and a key contribution to make to the continuing development of the college. The Board’s position is based on statute. The control of the college is vested in the Governing Board. The Board, in essence, represents the interest of the local community, including the business community, and the public interest in general. It is there to oversee the operation of the college and to ensure it provides what the community needs in a way that reflects the highest professional and ethical standards and makes best use of resources. It is accountable for the quality of the college’s services, its financial solvency and its sound management. It is specifically accountable for the proper use of the public funds the college receives.

In carrying out these responsibilities there is a clear distinction between governance and management. The governors provide oversight, monitoring and strategic direction. The operations and management of the college are the responsibility of the Principal, who is appointed by and is directly accountable to the Board.

A copy of the College's Strategic Plan is available on request, please contact Wendy Philpot at wphilpot@havering-college.ac.uk

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Membership and Terms of Reference
Instrument & Articles of Government
Public Value Statement
Standing Orders
Procedures for Handling Complaints against the Corporation