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HAVERING College ran a major conference to share its expertise on equality and diversity with colleagues working in the education sector.

The Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) partnered with the college to deliver an event which explored a best practice approach to the effective embedding of equality and diversity within the curriculum and across the whole organisation.

E&D conference 2011_1

LSIS approached the college with the conference request after Asfa Sohail – the college’s equality and diversity champion – and quality improvement practitioner Angela Hutton delivered a session at the Association of College’s (AoC) Equality and Diversity Conference in March.

The event at the Havering College Ardleigh Green Campus attracted delegates from more than 30 educational institutions who took part in discussions and small workshops.

The plenary sessions were delivered by Margaret Adjaye from LSIS and Asfa Sohail.

Workshops were led by college staff members who included Asfa Sohail, Angela Hutton, teacher coach Paul Roberts, area head of inclusive learning support Emma Thompson, head of student services Margo Lindsay and Uxbridge College academic standards manager Barbara Worms.

E&D conference 2011_3

One workshop focused on how Havering College has successfully embedded equality and diversity across its induction programme, tutorial sessions and vocational courses while another focused on the same issue within the college’s support services.

A third workshop looked at narrowing gaps in achievement.
One attendee commented: “Excellent – time to go away and try our own implementation of some of the fantastic ideas.”

Another delegate said: “A very useful session. Very grateful for openness and honesty of organisers, speakers and attendees for sharing best practice and allowing us to benefit and learn from all your hard work.”

Staff development manager Annetta Record said: “Overall the conference was successful. Feedback has been very positive.”