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14) Do I have to register with the police?
15) Will I be refunded the deposit if my visa application has been rejected?
16) Can I pay tuition fees in instalments?

1)  Do I need a Visa to come to the UK?
Visa regulations vary from country to country. Please contact the British Embassy or the High Commission in your country for up-to-date information. Alternatively, visit the UK Border Agency website at: www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk In addition, you can search under www.ind.homeoffice.gov.uk then click on 'TOURISM/CARRIERS INFORMATION' and then click on 'VISA POSTER'.

Student Visa: You must register for, and attend, at least 15 hours per week full time study if you have a Student Visa. We will send you a CAS number to support your visa application once you have paid your deposit of at least 50% of the tuition fees. This deposit is non-refundable. The final offer letter cannot be issued until the deposit has been received.

2)  How much money do I need to live on?
You need to have enough money for the following:
  • About £80 per week to cover general living expenses including things like clothes, travel and leisure.
  • About £120 per week for accommodation. Rent is normally paid direct to the landlord if you live with one of the college's host families. The first two weeks are paid in advance when you arrive, and after that each week is paid one week in advance.
  • Your course fees, which should be paid before or upon enrolment. The fees include tuition but books are paid separately and you need to have a provision of a minimum of £350 for books.
  • Insurance: All students are strongly urged to take out adequate health insurance to cover medical and dental treatment in the United Kingdom. You should also ensure that your possessions are adequately insured. Please use the www.studentcalculator.org.uk to help you work out your living expenses and outgoings.

3)  Can I work in England?
On a study visa you can work for up to 10 hours per week, provided it does not interfere with your studies. You can work full time during your holidays. You must be able to afford your tuition and living costs without having to work.

For more please visit:

4)   How many students are at Havering College?
There are approximately 13,000 further and higher education students at Havering College of Further and Higher Education.

5)   What is the term structure?
The college operates a 3-term structure, each lasting roughly 10 weeks.
Postgraduate courses may work partly outside the college term structure.

6)   How many hours per week will I have to study?
The minimum number of hours required per week to obtain a Student visa is 15.

7)   Can the College help me to find a part-time job?
No, the college does not provide this service although there are lots of Employment Agencies in the area who can help you to find part-time work and Student Services also advertise vacancies.

8)   How many students will there be in my class?
Generally the class sizes vary from 14 students up to 25 people depending on the course.

9)  Will there be other students from my country at the college?
Havering College accepts students from all over the world, so it’s possible that there will be other students from your country studying here. The college keeps a close eye on student numbers to ensure we don’t get high concentrations of one particular nationality.

10)   UKCISA (the UK Council for International Student Affairs)
www.ukcosa.org.uk is a very useful website for potential international students. You will find information on immigration, fees and funding, working whilst studying and many more helpful topics.

11)   What are public funds?
If you come to live or stay in the United Kingdom, you must be able to support and house yourself without claiming certain state benefits. These are:

  • Income Support and Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA);
  • housing and homelessness assistance;
  • Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit;
  • Working Families' Tax Credit;
  • A social fund payment;
  • Child Benefit; or
  • Any disability allowance.

12)   Can I extend my stay as a student?
If you are already studying here, you can apply to extend your stay as a student.

If you did not enter the United Kingdom as a student, you may apply to stay on for studies as long as you are a non-visa national have been accepted for a course of study at degree level or above.
If you are a visa national, you cannot stay on as a student unless you entered the United Kingdom with a student or prospective student visa.

13)   Can I get medical treatment?
If you come from a country with a health-care agreement with the United Kingdom, or you are enrolled on a course for six months or more, you may be able to get medical treatment on the National Health Service (NHS).

Short-term students who are here for less than six months and visitors are not entitled to free medical treatment, and you will be charged for any treatment you receive. Please make sure you have enough health insurance to cover your stay.

You can get more information from the Department of Health or check

14) Do I have to register with the police? 
If you have to register with the police, there will be stamp in your passport which indicates this requirement. You must register within seven days of arriving in the United Kingdom. The college will provide you with all the details and will assist you to complete registration. 

15) Will I be refunded the deposit if my visa application has been rejected? 
If your visa application has been rejected you may be eligible for a refund of the deposit payment we have received, minus an administration fee of £108 and any bank charges if applicable.

You will need to put your request in writing, address it to the Director of Finance for consideration and enclose evidence of the reasons you request the refund of deposit payment.

16) Can I pay tuition fees in instalments?
Should you wish to explore options for instalment payments you will have to contact the International Business Development team directly, even if your application is being processed through an agent.

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