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Centre for excellence in teacher education in Iraq at University of Kufa (CEfEX) is a project, a direct result of a successful bid by Havering College of Further and Higher Education and University of Kufa, Iraq.

The two year project will aim at training of a total of 26 existing HE lecturing staff to create core trainers for a centre in teacher education in the University of Kufa, Iraq. Training will be directed at changing the balance of Higher Education from pedagogy to student centred learning.

The training will be aimed at increasing female representation in teaching staff at the University of Kufa, Iraq.

The course will be piloted and a later one delivered at the University of Kufa and will aim for:

• Creating a tailor made training for a total of 26 staff from University of Kufa across a selection of schools/departments during the course of a 2 year project
• Increasing the level of existing teaching by training in innovative teaching techniques and exposure to use of ICT and Smart board technology
• Increase the gender representation via increase of female lecturers during the course of the project
• Change of balance of higher education from pedagogy to student centred learning

The project will be finalised in February 2012. The post project activities feature such a training to be an annual event, funded by the University of Kofu and BC funds.

Project activities will include:

• Collaboratively design a selection criteria for recruiting staff to be trained
• Select 10 staff from University of Kufa to be trained in the UK. Final selection from observed lecturers
• Collate video evidence of existing teaching practices
• Intensive training programme for 10 staff over 5 days
• Evaluation of training in year 1 and re-design of continuous training over 3 day workshop in uk - 2 Iraqi members
• Selecting further 16 mentees
• Training of mentees
• Selecting further 8 out of 16 mentees for further intensive training in the UK
• Training of 8 staff/mentees in the UK over 5 days

UK Project Team
Mrs Julie Old – Trainer/facilitator
Mr Paul Demetriou – Trainer/facilitator
Mrs Zena Mitchell – Moderator
Miss Mariana Strijp – Project Manager

Iraq Project Team
Prof. Dr. Muhsin A. Abdulamir Aldhalimi
Vice Chancellor of University of Kufa, Iraq

Dr. Wadhah Abdulhussain Jaafar Mahbuba
International Project Coordinator

The main beneficiaries of the project will be 26 existing staff members of University of Kufa.

There will be initially 10 members of staff in University of Kufa who will undergo an intensive training in the UK. An additional 16 will participate in a mentoring scheme in the second year of the project, of whom 8 will be selected to undergo further training in the UK.

Two groups of total 26 lecturers will be trained in the UK intensively in total during the 2 year project.

The main benefit will be the exposure to see innovative practices of teaching in reality in the UK, to undergo intensive training of using a selection of these techniques most applicable to the current educational situation in Iraq and to be trained in the use of ICT and Smart board technology in teaching.

The project intends to increase the number of female lecturers participating in the training.

The trained staff will resource a Centre for Excellence in Teacher Education in the University of Kufa.

The trainees will be given the opportunity to study on a Post Graduate Certificate in Education course in the UK on a distance or part time progression route.

The benefit for the UK institution will be a reflective practice of existing programme for teacher training and possible alteration to curriculum content. The project will give the UK staff the opportunity to explore further long term co-operation in areas of summer vocational trainings, further academic and support staff training and developing, modernising and globalising the curriculum of both institutions.

The results of the surveys will be disseminated in a published paper/report.

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