A great start to your career

• Apprenticeships are available at Intermediate, Advanced and Higher (degree level) covering more than 170 industries and 1500 job roles, from advertising to youth work, environmental engineering to nuclear decommissioning.
• An Apprenticeship must be at least 12 months long and lead to a national qualification that is respected by employers around the world.
• After finishing the majority of apprentices (84%) stay in employment, over two-thirds stay with the same employer.
• A third of all former apprentices have received a promotion within 12 months of finishing.
• Employers think that qualified apprentices are 15% more employable than those with other qualifications – you have the skills that they value.

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"Apprenticeships are great, because at college I am learning about the industry – which is a really good way of bringing on my skills and making my approach more complete. I've been given lots of responsibility at work, which I love. I am really excited to be there and thoroughly enjoy learning from the team."
Jordan Airzee - Apprentice

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