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Claire Starkie Transport Manager of a Tesco Regional Distribution Centre (RDC)Claire Starkie always knew she wanted to go the extra mile to achieve her career goals in logistics but just didn’t know which way to turn. At aged 22 she decided it was time for a change and enrolled on a Transport Manager course at Havering College of Further and Higher Education. 

The 12 week Transport Manager CPC Course, taught by Justin Rowley, a Curriculum Manager of Transport and Logistics was exactly what she needed to get ahead. It taught her all she needed to know about logistics and gave her the management skills to lead a team.

"The training I received at Havering was vital to my career progression. Without it, I would never have been anything more than a supervisor. I really enjoyed the course, it was taught by friendly relaxed lectures and covered everything I could ever want to know about Transport Management."

After finishing the course and returning back to Tesco, it wasn’t long until Claire was offered the role of Transport Manager of a very large Tesco regional distribution centre (RDC).

Busy Bees Graduation 2016

Dressed to impress in their gowns and Mortarboard Caps, the little students of Stepping Stones Day Nursery at Havering College made their parents proud when they ‘graduated’. 

Most the class of 2016 have been at Stepping Stones Day Nursery since they were babies and have grown in confidence, developing all the social and academic skills that they need to start school.  

The little graduates made their way to their seats on the stage and patiently waited to be presented with their diplomas. It was an emotional moment for parents as their children’s names were announced along with a summary of their educational journeys. 

Chanel Clarke, a student of Stepping Stones for over four years was first to be called up. She graciously accepted her certificate and listened as her teacher praised her for her impressive drawing abilities, confidence and conversational skills.  

Austin Winterford, a student at Stepping Stones since 2014 was praised for being such a caring, friendly and well-mannered little boy.  Other graduates received similar warm comments and accolades. 

After the presentation, the celebrations began.  There were tasty treats for all to enjoy along with one last opportunity to play with their classmates of 2016, before heading off to their new schools

For this year's final show, Level 3 Fashion students and staff came together to produce a series of videos showcasing their individual final major project fashion lines in different locations around our Ardleigh Green campus. Each student got the opportunity to provide art direction and chose the music for a 30 second video, creatively responding to their allocated shooting location with the trend and design of their fashion line in mind.

It was a fantastic portrayal of each of our designs with the scenes linking to our chosen trends. I felt that each of the videos gave us great experience in a way of styling and directing how we wanted our work to be seen. I was delighted with the final video as in my video I managed to get the theme across of romance and love in a Pre-Raphaelite setting. My family and friends all enjoyed the showreel and can't believe how professional it looked.

- Chloe Clay, 2016 Level 3 Fashion Student

Joana Giedrikaite - Bedroom Eyes

Celine, Givenchy and Dior were in Joana’s sight when designing her collection of garments. With a combination of empire line and princess style, these garments have lace overlays giving the bodices a soft, elegant appearance. Styled simply with heels and fascinator, these garments would be the collection of choice for young wedding guests.

Sophie Monteiro - Bedroom Eyes

The glamour of burlesque and the notion of underwear as outerwear has brought Sophie to a colour palette of pink sugared almonds coupled with the silkiness and shimmer of satin. The screen-printed rose motif brings a sense of elegance which, together with the princess line and rouleaux straps, makes her garments a must-have in the wardrobes of young party-goers.

Patrycja Sajdak - Isn’t It Romantic?

Inspired by the Romantic period and the ethos behind Bohemianism, Patrycja proposes a collection of garments that, with simple lines, lets the softly-hued satin do all the talking. The variety of hem length coupled with daring plunge v-neck offer alternatives with sleeve options while the embellishment with floral print provides a focus. Chloé and Zandra Rhodes have been Patrycja’s guide meaning that Patrycja will be the go-to designer for trendy professionals.

Charlotte Tabram - Bedroom Eyes

Charlotte’s collection is based on the allure of satin and lace and a soft, pastel colour palette. The full slip style with lace straps and elegant princess line reminiscent of burlesque is embellished with a simple screen-printed bow motif at centre front. Sexy and alluring, this collection shows off the figure and could be styled up for a wedding or cocktail party with heels and perhaps a pashmina.

Renée Maltwood - Latin Class

An abundance of flounces, screen-printed butterflies and scalloped finishes are features of Renee’s collection which, together with shimmering satin, show off the softly-hued mauves. The rouleaux straps and princess line offer an understated elegance that dazzle on the dance floor.

Danny Wallace - Bedroom Eyes

Danny’s collection is centred on the exploration of the concept of underwear as outerwear but with an eye on modesty. The main influence for this collection is based on the materials associated with intimate apparel such as lace and silk while choosing a muted colour palette of gold and black. Having explored the collections of McQueen and Valentino, Danny has produced a range of special occasion wear for contemporary young professionals who favour his close eye for detail.

Chloe Clay - Isn’t It Romantic?

Based on a traditional rendering of the notion of romance, Chloe has designed and produced full-length dresses that carry large-scale appliqué motifs symbolic of this trend such as blooms and cupids with their bows and arrows poised. Influential to Chloe’s ideas were the collections of London’s National Portrait Gallery, the Pre-Raphaelites and designers including Dolce & Gabbana and Erdem. These dresses would look equally as good in a ballroom as they do in woodland.

Gabriele Raudonyte - Blue Jeans Baby

Gabriele started researching the beginnings of denim, indigo dyeing and the cultural history of jeans. Together with an investigation into key Hollywood icons such as James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne, Gabriele has considered London street style and the bubble up to key contemporary fashion designers such as Martin Margiela and Gucci. Embellished with screen printed and studded details, Gabriele’s collection is of understated, wearable fashion for today’s young creatives.

Digital Show London 2016 800

Size really doesn’t matter when it comes to the effectiveness of a good stand at any exhibition, just ask the Marketing team.

Havering went to the Copper Box Arena, Olympic Park London to exhibit at the Techmix Digital Careers Show. An event launched by Boris Johnson as part of the £5m programme to ensure young Londoners have the digital skills they need to access jobs in London’s thriving technology sector.

The stand was only 3x3 which could give the impression they were a small player but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Because they used the space to its full potential, they managed to transform it in to one of the most popular stands at the venue. By opening the stand up and bringing it to life with VR headsets, computer games and engaging staff, Havering College’s stand was a hive of interaction noted by other exhibitors.

So when you want an event to run successfully, it’s always good to think outside the exhibiting “box”

Foundation Learning Student Challenge

You hear it in the class room all the time “I’m better than you” “No, I’m better than you”, but just who really is the best? Well there was only one way to find out - bring on The Student Challenge!!

On the 23rd June, School of Inclusive & Foundation learning ran an Activity Day that was in a class of its own. Staff conceived a range of activities which would really put their students to the test. These included physical games such as penalty shootouts, shooting hoops and obstacle courses alongside mental challenges such as a memory testing sequence and a game to match football teams to their national flags. In order to challenge coordination and practical skills, staff created a game involving the transfer of balls from one box to another, but with competitors being restricted to using only one hand. A further activity was to build the highest tower. These various timed games were devised to cover students’ diverse aptitudes and abilities. It was an exciting day and fellow team mates encouraged individuals at every challenge they undertook.

The overall aim of the day, aside from having fun, was to promote the concept of challenge and to explore various levels of competence and capability. After the activities had been completed, but before the winners were announced, the teams were tasked with discussing individuals’ strengths and deciding, as a group, who they expected to be the winners.

The successful team was Entry F, led by enthusiastic personal tutor, Claire McReynolds. Her team went on to challenge a staff member team and again, they were victorious.

The tutors were delighted with the extent of engagement by all the groups. They were particularly impressed with the students’ acceptance that, despite the difficulties and the disappointment that failing to succeed can bring about, it’s the taking part that really counts.

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