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This is a practical degree for people who enjoy making objects or designing spaces.

First Year

You will be introduced to Product Design, Furniture Design, Jewellery Design, Glass Ceramics and Spatial Design. In addition, you will gain professional skills in digital 3D software, 3D printing and laser cutting. Your ideas and communication skills are developed through theory lectures and academic skills projects.

Second Year

You have the opportunity to specialise in three subjects of your choice and study the software and business skills needed to work as a professional designer. During this year, you are encouraged to take part in design commissions, design shows, such as the East London Design Show and do work placements. There are also international study trips offered during the course.

Third Year

You will write your assignment and make a set of work, using the skills and ideas that have become your strength during the course. Graduating students exhibit both at Havering College and at the New Designers Show in London. This degree has been validated by the Open University.

See our students' work and more about the course at 3ddesigncraft.co.uk

BA programmes admissions will be handled by UCAS. All students who apply will be interviewed with a portfolio of visual work. Applicants would normally have level 3 qualifications; this could be a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, A levels, an Extended Diploma or the equivalent.

Mature students without traditional qualifications, but with alternative evidence of suitable skill and experience are encouraged to apply. For International students the language criteria is 5.5 points IELTS score minimum.

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This is an intensive one year fast-track to a further or higher education course. This route is ideal if you don't have any academic qualifications, or you need a refresher before you return to studying.

The great thing about Access is that everyone is in the same situation and you’ll find the study skills a real boost to your confidence.

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We’ll equip you with the skills you need to take you from Level 1 right up to a supervisory role in accounting and finance. You’ll get to grips with numerical techniques, produce the main accounting documents, use accounting software and learn how to approach tasks such as costing and taxation.

Accountants are responsible for the finances, budgets and salaries of all types of organisations and businesses and also in the financial sector that takes in banking and building societies, financial planning insurance, investments and pensions industries as well as the public sector such as hospitals and local government in a diverse range of roles.

Employment Opportunities

Over 2 million people employed in the finance sector alone with 37000 accountancy and finance businesses registered in London so the scope for a career using your accounting qualifications is huge.

Where to Start

Starting points are excellent maths, communication & IT skills, attention to detail and logical problem solving abilities. Accountants must possess professional qualifications and can continue to progress their studies whilst in work to reach qualified status.

Earning Potential

Starting salaries range from £15,000 - £50,000+ depending on role, qualifications and experience.

See Success Stories and testimonials from Accounting Students 

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Efficient and skilled administrators are always in demand. Once you’re proficient in communication, customer service, planning and organisation, you’ll be ready to step into any industry, anywhere.

LEEAD DAY Kerry Whittaker 01 637

Kerry, who gained a Level 3 Business Administration qualification at Havering College, is now working at Laytons Solicitors near London Bridge.

Kerry, who previously studied at Havering Sixth Form College, and her managers dropped in at the Ardleigh Green Campus to support a legal employer enrichment activity day for students on the ILEX Legal Secretaries course.

She said: "I really enjoyed my time at Havering College. I started at Laytons Solicitors as an office junior two months after I finished college, I then progressed onto reception on maternity cover and I am now in marketing studying marketing courses."

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If your future is a blank canvas then this is your opportunity to create your own career. You can let your creative juices flow as you experiment with different media and techniques from fine art and graphic design to textiles and ceramics. You’ll visit exhibitions and galleries for inspiration and work in specialist studios under the guidance of our expert teachers.

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If you have creative flair you’ll love working in the beauty industry. You could end up working as a make-up artist, travelling the world on a cruise liner, working in a salon or setting up your own business.

You can also keep up with the latest treatments, techniques and trends with our specialist courses.

Robyn Crew

Robyn Crew - big

Robyn Crew has landed her dream job as a beauty therapist to the stars.

The ambitious former student has been recruited by The London Hilton on Park Lane where her clients have included a chart-topping singer, Arabic Prince and Olympic athletes.

She joined Havering College from Chafford School, Rainham and has completed Levels 1, 2 and 3 in Beauty Therapy.

Robyn said: “I am having an amazing time working at The Hilton. I really enjoy every minute of being at work. I don’t think I would have achieved all this if I had gone to another college. The tutors at Havering College are very experienced and taught me so much. They gave me a lot of confidence.”

Robyn’s training took place at the college’s state-of-the-art salons at the Ardleigh Green Campus in Hornchurch and at The Lanes Hair and Beauty, Brentwood.

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Welcome to the fast-paced and challenging world of commerce. These courses are the perfect springboard onto further study and a chance to sample business areas such as accounting and marketing, before you specialise.

A course with the Peter Jones Academy is ideal if you’re a business minded entrepreneur. We’ll nurture and encourage your potential and open doors that will give you access to business insight and work experience.

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IT is vital to most organisations. Businesses demand well trained IT professionals to help carve out a competitive advantage through technology and protect and manage information systems and data. This makes for a challenging and rewarding career in a fast-paced industry.

Our courses cover all levels of knowledge and experience and Cisco Certified Networking qualifications (CCNA) are available on some courses. The IT, telecoms and related media sector is one of the fastest growing new industries in the world. IT forms an integral part of almost every aspect of our daily lives from the apps we use on our phone, the PC we use at work to the programmes that enable our transport, health, business systems, networks and operations.

Employment Opportunities

Over 890,000 people in the UK work in the IT sector, with another 600,000 working within telecommunication with the trend for telecommunications and IT and media converging aspects of work set to increase. In total, within the UK, an estimated 1.5 million people work in these combined industries, with about 105,000 companies and businesses delivering these services/products. 58% are graduates. You may also find work overseas, especially if you are working for a multi-national company.

Where To Start

You will need a flair for maths, science, technology and IT, problem solving, decision making, communication, planning and teamwork.

Earning Potential

Salaries vary widely and change rapidly with the pace of innovation and new technologies. Current starting salaries for App designer £19,000, IT Support technician £18,000, IT Telecoms Apprentice £14,000, Web, Software or Network developer/ programmer £20-60,000+.

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Construction is a major UK industry and one of our biggest exports. And it’s the south east, particularly London, where you’ll find most of the exciting construction projects. So if you want to get in on the ground level and help build a shopping mall or a skyscraper - our construction courses and Apprenticeships will set you up with the skills you need.

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Working as a counsellor can be demanding, but it’s also a challenging and rewarding role too. As a counsellor you’ll help people to explore feelings and emotions so they can reflect on their situation and consider alternative ways of doing things.

You need a good understanding of yourself, and to be a good listener with a desire to help people take control and make positive changes to their lives.

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Let’s put your career in the spotlight. A performing arts course will not only develop your acting, singing or dancing abilities but work on communication and team working skills that are useful in careers in most industries.

If you’re more interested in back stage than centre stage we also offer courses that will prepare you for a technical career in the main elements of stage management. The performing arts industry contributes £4.6 billion to the UK economy. 34% of the workforce are employed in onstage occupations, such as acting or dancing. 45% are based in London and the South East. 58% of the workforce is self-employed.

Employment Opportunities

Actors & dancers use movement and expression to bring characters to life. You could work across live performance, music, theatre, film, television and radio. Jobs in the performing arts industry include: actor, agent, artistic director, choreographer, circus performer, dancer, entertainer, hair, makeup and costumes, props maker, puppeteer, rigger, sound technician, stage manager, studio manager, theatre director, wardrobe assistant.

Where to Start

As well as talent and creativity, you will need to be versatile, adaptable and be willing to accept and learn from direction and feedback. Competition is fierce so you will need to be enthusiastic, determined to succeed and work hard.

Earning Potential

There is no set income for performers. Only the most well-established earn a high income. Most are self-employed, and are paid a fee for each contract or performance. Production assistant £18-£20,000 Stage Manager £26-£40,000, Teachers £21,804.

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Work with children and you have the potential to shape and change the lives of the young people in your care. You’ll learn all about the sector and the opportunities on offer through our industry experienced tutors. On work placements in childcare settings you can form ideas about where you’d like to take your career.

Abbie's story

Abbie Mileham 01 637

HELPING to take care of children in their early stages of development is bringing Abbie Mileham immense job satisfaction.

After completing the Level 1 and Level 2 Childcare courses at Havering College, Abbie landed a position with the Incy Wincey Day Nursery in South Woodford where she is continuing with her Level 3 qualification.

Abbie, who previously attended Bower Park School, says: "I had always wanted to work with children – I have young nieces and nephews in the family and I a Guide and Brownie leader.

"My time at Havering College was really good. You get a lot of help if you are stuck and the teachers support you. The teaching assistants are very helpful. My favourite part of the course was the first aid – I really enjoyed that. I loved the practical side of it, learning how to put someone in the recovery position and how to resuscitate someone and how to put a sling on. My course was a mixture of practical experience and theory with one week at college followed by one week on a placement.

"I would tell anyone wanting to do childcare to come to Havering College because you get so much support – with your lessons and coursework. If you have any problems you just need to ask and it's really easy to make friends on your course as well. It is good because you are with people who want to follow the same career as you by working with children."

Abbie says her ultimate goal is to work with children with disabilities.

She has dyslexia herself and wants to put her understanding to good use.

Abbie says: "I have a big heart and people have helped me, so I would like to help children the same as myself."

Abbie believes the Learning Support she received at Havering College made a difference.

She says: "The support was good at the college – I got extra time in exams and there was a teaching assistant to help me in lessons. My teacher was also great and supported me through both years of my course."

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Train as an electrician and you’ll always be in demand. This is a highly skilled occupation, with trained electricians in short supply in parts of the UK. Once we’ve equipped you with the right qualifications you’ll have excellent prospects.

There’s always something new to learn as an electrician. Plus there’s the potential to earn more and gain more responsibility by expanding skills through professional development courses.

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Employers are looking for fresh thinking electrical engineers. If you’ve got a natural aptitude for maths, science and IT and enjoy finding solutions to complex problems, this could be the perfect career for you.

Our courses will train you to design, build and maintain electrical control systems, machinery and equipment.

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As an engineer you’ll be asked to find imaginative solutions to technical problems. At the heart of engineering is innovation and invention, so if you’re intrigued by how things work and finding answers to problems, you're well suited to a career in engineering.

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Developing your use and understanding of the English language can help your day to day life as well as your career.

Our ESOL courses will develop your language skills if English is your second language. GCSEs will improve your punctuation and grammar through the analysis and evaluation of the language itself. In literature you’ll de-construct great works of fiction, delving into the power of prose.

Cherie's story

GCSE Cherie Smith Cameron and Lucy 02 637

Cherie Smith returned to Havering College to improve on the English GCSE grade she achieved at school and second time around gained a B grade.

Cherie completed her course while pregnant – indeed her baby was born less than three weeks after sitting her exam. She is also mum to a lively toddler and admits studying was "hard work".

In addition Cherie is a graduate of the Havering College BA (Honours) Fine Art degree course.

She says: "I wanted a higher grade in English as I want to go into teaching and it will help progress my career. I was focused and put it down to very good organisational management and good teaching."

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With an ESOL course you’ll be able to study, find work and speak with confidence.

We’ll work with you to help you communicate through speaking, listening, reading and writing and apply these skills to real life situations. You'll gain a recognised qualification and there are many levels for you to progress to as your skills improve.

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Fashion makes the world go round. At least that’s what we think. Through our professionally trained fashion teachers and visits to shows we’ll immerse you in the latest trends and developments. We’ll also open your eyes to the breadth of opportunities, from designer to buyer that this fascinating industry offers.

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Film studies is a fast-growing and popular subject that takes an academic approach to analysing film making. We’ll take you beyond watching films by delving into techniques, industries and audiences to deepen your understanding of the film industry.

You’ll look at new and familiar films and have a chance to make your own short sequences using industry standard equipment and software.

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With graphic design you can flex your creative muscles to work with typography, illustrations and images. Most of our lecturers draw on their first-hand experience of working in the field as designers or illustrators as they encourage you to experiment and use contemporary industry practice.

To inspire your practical work you’ll embark on contextual studies including visits to galleries and museums.

Graphic designers use typography and images to communicate information and ideas. This could be for all kinds of purposes from advertisements to product packaging.

Employment Opportunities

Most graphic designers are employed at graduate level to work for companies specialising in advertising, marketing or corporate communications, or as part of internal (in-house) design teams of large organisations such as retailers. Other employers can include online and print publishing companies, voluntary organisations and education providers.

Where to Start

You will need a flair for drawing and a passion for design. You will need to be able to find practical solutions to problems. You will also need excellent communication skills.

Earning Potential

Most employers will expect Higher Education qualifications. Salaries for newly qualified graduates at a junior level start around £15,000. Experienced graphic designers can earn from £18,000 to £30,000 a year, with senior designers earning between £32,000 and £50,000.

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You’ll put your creativity into action when you work in our busy hair salon. Our salons have all the equipment you’d expect to find in a commercial hairdresser – including the chance to practise the latest trends on real life customers.

To take your skills to an even higher level you’ll attend exhibitions and enter competitions.

Chris Austin

Chris Austin shop 637

FORMER student Chris Austin has launched his first shop offering the latest barbering techniques and traditional skills.

His business, Old Leigh Barbers, is in the popular picturesque town of Old Leigh near Southend-on-Sea.

The 23-year-old studied for his NVQ Level 3 in Hairdressing at The Lanes Hair & Beauty in Brentwood – a state-of-the-art hair and beauty training salon run by Havering College as one of only five colleges in the country to have L'Oréal Flagship College status for its hairdressing provision.

Entrepreneurial Chris has been successfully running his mobile hairdressing business – Orlando's - for more than two years building up a strong base of 300 clients throughout Essex.

He works tirelessly seven days a week, running his mobile business on Mondays while striving to build up his new salon-based venture the rest of the week, including weekends.

Chris said: "I am happy to work seven days a week to make this a success."

Brentwood resident Chris, who previously attended Brentwood County High School, chose Havering College for his Level 3 Hairdressing qualification, having previously trained through an apprenticeship with a Brentwood hair salon.

He represented the college in a hairdressing showcase event at WorldSkills 2011 where he was introduced to Business Secretary Vince Cable.

Chris' entrepreneurial spirit has also impressed Tim Campbell – winner of The Apprentice series one – whom he met at a college award ceremony for high achieving students.

Chris said: "I enjoyed it at Havering College. My tutors Sarah Ramsay and Jess Westley were very supportive. Sarah has had a couple of shops, she had been there, done that and gave me the advice I needed."

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This subject empowers you to change lives. You’ve got a huge variety of courses to choose from in this rewarding area. You can opt to work with the elderly, children or people with disabilities in care homes, housing, community or health settings. With further study you could progress onto careers such as nursing, midwifery, social work or residential care management.

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Our Jubilee restaurant on Quarles Campus is where it all happens. It’s here that you’ll put your practical and theoretical training to the test in the kitchen and front of house, to hone your skills in a commercial environment.

You can expect to take your skills and knowledge onto roles such as chef, waiter or cook in the catering industry.

There are a variety of jobs in the sector, across a huge range of levels. Some of the jobs include: Kitchen assistant food preparation, professional chefs, waiting staff, porter, receptionist, bar manager, house keeper, banqueting manager, retail and supermarket roles. Progression is encouraged depending on experience and qualifications.

Funded work placements in catering establishments in France are available through the Leonardo programme as part of some courses, subject to meeting the selection criteria.

Employment Opportunities

Progression is encouraged in this industry depending on experience and qualifications.

Where to Start

A passion for food and culinary arts.

Earning Potential

Annual salary levels are very variable, according to location and individual skill sets. An indication however is: Waiting staff £12,000 - £16,000, Chef £15,000 - £35,000, General Manager £21,000 - £35,000 Restaurant manager £18,000 - £23,000, Conference and banqueting manager £22,000 - £30,000.

* 75% of teaching staff were graded as Outstanding with the remainder graded as good

* The Curriculum Manager for the area was awarded a gold medal at Buckingham Palace for services to teaching hospitality by City & Guilds

 * We run a total of 10 different catering courses within our area with skilled teachers at all levels

 * We cook for the Mayor of Havering at events

 * We cooked for the Queen during her visit to Havering

 * We have taken part in the WorldSkills UK Skills Show in Birmingham for the last two years

 * Our success rates currently run at 97%

 * We supplied more than 100 students to work with various companies at the Olympic Games

 * All our students who completed the level 3 standard are currently employed within the catering industry

 * We work with famous industry chefs including Paul Gayler (ex Lanesborough Hotel) Anton Edelmann (Savoy Hotel) and Paul Bates (InterContinental London Park Lane)

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You’ll be hooked by humanities if you've got an enquiring mind and like to keep up with what’s going on in the world.

Contemplate and probe interesting questions about the latest big issues. And as you do you’ll develop excellent skills and knowledge that will be really useful for your further education and lots of careers.

  • 1

Understanding the law and how it functions in society will enhance your analytical and critical thinking.

The skills and knowledge you gain from this stimulating subject will get you ready for further study, and eventually a law career in positions such as a court or barrister’s clerk.

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Improve your literacy skills to boost your confidence and increase your chances of finding and keeping a job. Our friendly and informal classes will help you with your IT, communication, reading and writing.

  • 1

We’ll prepare you for a move into HR or from an administrative to senior role. Studying the relevant areas of HR knowledge will take you towards Intermediate Associate membership status and CIPD.

  • 1

Mathematics is a highly valued and versatile qualification. On this programme you’ll develop sought after skills that you can apply to lots of different areas of study and work, making your maths studies count in your future career.

  • 1

On these practical and inspiring courses you can explore specialist areas like video, audio and animation multimedia. On the HNC you’ll use research, planning and production skills to deliver pieces of work to professional standards on industry software.

  • 1

This is a varied and interesting career with a different challenge every day. Our purpose built workshops are the ideal environment for you to learn essential skills like diagnostics and body repair to set you up for further study or a career in the industry.

  • 1

Our specialist music training is led by tutors with music industry backgrounds. Taking you from level 2 right through to degree level, your studies will mix theory and practical. You’ll have the opportunity to work in our recording studios and for inspiration you’ll take in plenty of live music performances.

The music industry is worth over £3.4 billion to the UK’s economy. At least half of the workforce operate within live performance or production. Other roles include retail and distribution of musical instruments, audio equipment and recordings, as well as the composition of musical works, music publishing, promotion, management and agency-related activities.

Music Technology students with Jamal Edwards
(Click the image to see more from Jamal Edwards Visit to the College.)

Employment Opportunities

The music industry in the UK is vibrant and fast paced and has an influence on the world entertainment scene. Competition is fierce and based on creative talent and networking, as well as skills and determination.

Where to Start

To become a musician, you will need a very high level of musical ability. You will need to be able to perform in front of an audience. You also need a lot of self-motivation. To work in other sectors of the music industry you would need to have a good sense of hearing, understand musical pitch, timing and rhythm, excellent IT & communication skills. You will need to be able to stay organised when working under pressure and have a flair for business.

Earning Potential

Musician in an orchestra £22-£28,000 Principal players £25-£38,000, Pop musician £ depends on contract, Music teachers £21,804, Production and recording assistants £16-£25,000, Sound engineer £16-£25,000, promotions & publishing £14-£60,000+.

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Get the skills for this trade and you’ll always be in demand. After practical lessons in our specialist workshops you’ll be raring to go - whether you’re interested in becoming self employed or working as a painter and decorator in the construction industry.

  • 1

Studying photography opens up more opportunities than you might realise. Photography skills are highly sought after in the creative industries with roles ranging from studio photographer to picture editor.  We can take you from introductory level, right up to HNC and onwards to your career.

  • 1

This versatile subject will put you on the right path to a career where an understanding of behavioural theories is important.  With further study the options for your future include working with people with mental disorders, working in prisons, social work, policing and even advertising.

  • 1

Follow a career in the public services for a varied, challenging and rewarding job that makes a difference. We’ll look at the entry requirements and prepare you for the selection processes, whilst developing your teamwork, leadership and navigation skills too.

Public Services Day Feb 2015 017 Elle 637

Metropolitan Police Officer Elle Hills completed a Level 3 BTEC in Public Services at Havering College in 2008, returning last year to complete the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CIKP) course.

The former Redden Court School pupil is now a police officer with the Met. During her probationbary period, Elle was out on the beat with an experienced officer learning various proceedures when making arrests and conducting searches or interviews.

Elle said: "The CIKP course was intense but it is all about grasping the definitions and you have to keep them in mind afterwards because there can be a long gap before you make it into the police. It was a great course."

  • 1

So you like to investigate and solve problems? Then you’ll really enjoy making exciting discoveries during practical investigations in our laboratories. You can take a closer look at chemistry, biology and physics to develop your science skills and knowledge for further study. Careers include technicians, analysts, researchers, radiographers and dentists.

You’ll also have the opportunity to take what you’ve learnt out of the science lab and into the real world with work experience and educational visits.

  • 1

This challenging field offers opportunities to make a real change to both the people you work with and their supporting welfare systems. It helps if you have an interest in social issues and want to make a difference in your community.

Social work focuses on people – from babies through to older people and everyone in between. Social work professionals aim to enable people to live fulfilled lives as independently as possible by protecting the vulnerable and those living on the margins of society, enhancing relationships and helping families stay together where possible. They care for those in crisis helping them to get access to the services they need to improve their situation and well-being. Social workers work closely with other professionals in sectors such as health, education, police, probation and prison service.

Employment Opportunities

Most opportunities are with local authorities, although you could also work for NHS trusts, charities, voluntary agencies, social work agencies, private care homes, police & prison services.

Where to Start

You will need to study a three-year undergraduate degree in Social Work and pass back- ground checks by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Earning Potential

Starting salaries range from £19,500 to £25,000 a year. With more experience and responsibility, this can rise to £40,000.

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Sociology encourages you to look at life in a whole new way. You’ll hold theories such as feminism and Marxism up to the light of our society and begin to form your own opinions and arguments. This subject is a great grounding for further study, particularly in humanities.

  • 1

Get set. Go. If you’re passionate about sport and have the determination to succeed, it’s time to get your career in the starting blocks. This is a fast growing industry with hundreds of roles to choose from including exercise and fitness, coaching, sports development – even marketing.

  • 1

Education is a satisfying career – especially when you see your students develop and engage with your subject. Our courses can prepare you for a career as a teacher, a teaching assistant or in a support role – we also offer professional development for current practitioners.

  • 1

These tailored short courses are a fast route to securing the job you want. We'll discuss your aspirations so we can set you up with the specific skills you need to get there. You'll also receive support with your CV and job search.

  • 1

We'll help you stride towards your future goals. With work experience, skills training and qualifications that employers and colleges are looking for, our courses are just the beginning.

  • 1

Learn this trade and you'll be set for a bright future in domestic plumbing and heating. If you already work in the industry we can give you an edge in areas such as eco technologies or how to make the most of the Green Deal scheme.

  • 1

Master this sought after craft and you can expect to be in demand in a diverse range of industries including nuclear, aerospace and energy. You'll gain engineering skills in safety and communication as well as learn how to work well in a team.

Whether you want to use the latest sat-nav technology, work your way around the world or take charge of millions of pounds worth of big-name products, logistics offers it all.

Our ground-breaking course in logistics also includes a business qualification. This is the ideal choice if you like co-ordinating projects and working under pressure to tight schedules. Getting things from A to B on time by road, rail, sea or air is what logistics is all about. Use your analytical skills in this introduction to the industry and gain a business qualification at the same time.

You will study: Business, logistics and supply chain management – Chartered Institute of Transport & Logistics Level 1 and 2 and Business BTEC Level 2.

Our industry-expert teachers will prepare you for a rewarding career by helping you to develop a solid understanding of logistics operations and how the logistics industry works. You will learn about supply chain management and how contracts work, how to plan routes and consider timings.

As well as discovering transport, freight forwarding and warehousing in the classroom, our links with freight forwarders and other operators, such as the Port of Tilbury and DP London Gateway Port will give you the opportunity to see how these services operate.

You will undertake 30 hours of work experience with local logistics companies. You will study functional skills or GCSEs in English and Maths as part of the course (if you do not already have a grade C or above in these subjects).

Entry requirements

You need to show us that you are interested in logistics and that you have the desire to succeed.

What's next?

There are lots of progression options open to you. You have the opportunity to continue with your studies through to Level 3 and 4 and then onto a BA or Master's degree in business, logistics and supply chain management. You could also move onto an Advanced or Higher Apprenticeship, or even begin your career in logistics operations, warehousing and storage, supply chain management, traffic planning, management in the haulage sector, driving goods vehicles, shipping or aviation related professions.

Opportunities for students aged 14-16 to study at Havering College

Havering College 14-16 StudentWe offer a different way of learning for Year 10 and 11 students. For many, getting hands-on with job-related learning is the way to go. That's why we open our doors to 14-16 year olds, working with all schools in Havering and surrounding boroughs, to help students reach work or university.

Some of our 14-16 curriculum is negotiated with schools, where 14-16 learners remain on the school roll and attend the college one full day or half-a-day per week, over 2 years.

If you are in year 10 or 11 and attending a school, but are interested in any of this provision, it is always best to speak with your school first, as in many cases, the school will be responsible for funding these opportunities.

Reasons for 14-16s to come to college

  • It's more grown up – you won't wear a uniform and you'll have more freedom over your work
  • There are lots more courses on offer than at school - with specialist learning facilities and industry-experienced teachers
  • You can earn a qualifications to put on your CV
  • There are lots of opportunities to progress onto other courses, including apprenticeships and courses up to degree level.

Find out more

Our Schools Liaison team will be happy to talk through any enquiry about provision for 14-16 year old learners, whether you are a parent, a learner or a teacher; please call us on: 01708 462893

If you are the parent/Carer or teacher of a young person with learning difficulties and/or disabilities or a young person that has been home-educated, and would like to discuss provision at the college at 14-16 (or over), please call us on the above number, to discuss assessment arrangements, personalised programmes and the support available.


Take a course with us for a better future. Our courses for adults can sharpen your skills, get you back to work or education, or teach you something new for fun.

Courses for adults

  • English and maths – free for adults up to GCSE
  • English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL) - free if you're on certain benefits
  • Teacher training
  • Degree level courses

Please contact Admissions to find out more.

Call: 01708 462801 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Havering College offers a wide range of degree programmes aimed at helping make your career ambitions a reality:

    • Vocational HE programmes that prepare you for successful entry into your chosen career.
    • High rates of employment post-graduation.
    • Low fees, high quality programmes.
    • High student satisfaction levels.
    • Fantastic levels of individual support from world class professionals.

Student's Guide to Studying on Havering College Higher Education courses.Havering College accepts UCAS applications all year round. Applications made after the first UCAS deadline will be given the same consideration as if they had been submitted before the deadline. We also welcome new applications through both Extra and Clearing. The Student's Guide to studying on one of our Open University validated programmes can be downloaded here.

We are here to help you all year round. If you are not sure how to add Havering College to your UCAS application, for advice and guidance please call our Admissions team on 01708 462 833 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Enjoy everything London has to offer when you study with us. Ride on the crest of the latest trends, soak up the nightlife and explore the cultural scene. Living and studying in our vibrant capital city is an experience that’s hard to beat. And of course you’ll end up with an internationally recognised qualification too.

Havering, home to our main campus, is in north east London where the busy inner-city merges into the suburbs with lots of large protected green parkland. We’re close to three major airports and the iconic landmarks of central London are just a short train journey away. Nearby Romford also offers a great mix of shops and entertainment.

A supportive environment

We’re a very friendly College offering lots of support and individual attention.

How do we help? We begin by advising you on the right course and level to choose, then, we ease you through the application process and prepare you for coming to the UK. And once you’re here we’ll help you to settle into student life with an accommodation service as well as welfare advice, whether you’re an international or exchange student.

The very best learning experience

Our teachers are industry specialists who provide high quality teaching – graded Good by Ofsted – and the skills you need to find work. We also offer you an action packed social life and some of the best facilities in London.

Our success rates for last year stand at 80%, achievement of students was 85% and retention of students 94%.

Past international students of our further education courses have successfully moved onto to prominent UK universities such as East Anglia, Imperial College London, London King’s College, Queen Mary’s London and Westminster.

A truly international College

Our engagement with the international community extends to projects including EU funded programmes, summer schools, relationships with educational representatives, hosting international delegations and exchanging staff. We also develop customised short training courses such as train the trainer for the international market.

We’d love to hear from you – so why not take the first step and get in touch with us today.

Email us at - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are pleased to invite you to attend our Open Event and participate in a variety of fun “Have a go” activities.

We’re opening up our classrooms to you and your family for an insightful look into our facilities and our industry standard equipment.

Our Apprenticeship team and experienced lecturers will also be on hand to provide you with an in-depth look at the various courses we offer.

Each course has been designed to help you progress onto further study or employment and we’re confident that we have a course for you

Our Open Events


At Havering we have a large student body, diverse in its range and levels of study, as well as in its personal backgrounds.

There are dozens of courses serving a wide variety of interests. For those wanting to study and work, have a look at our range of Apprenticeships. By doing an Apprenticeship, students can earn while they learn. By being placed in a real work situation and spending time in college, they will get the best of both worlds.

Havering College boasts a national and international reputation with its offer of over 35 high quality Higher Education programmes from Higher National Certificates and Diplomas to Foundation Degrees, Honours Degrees and post-graduate programmes in a range of vocational and academic subjects. Most of our undergraduate programmes are work related and geared to enabling our students to secure employment in a range of professions and careers.

Our support services, such as the library, counsellors, financial advice, disability support and many others, aim to help students throughout their studies and in their personal lives, if necessary.

The structure of the college means that our Governors are involved, not only in the overall management, but by supporting the work of departments too.


There are a number of ways in which Havering College can offer learning support on a group or one to one basis, these include:

• Support for literacy and/or numeracy needs
• Support for General Learning Difficulties
• Support for Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)
• Support for Hearing Impaired / D/deaf Learners
• Support for learners with Medical / Physical Disabilities
• Support for Visually Impaired / Blind Learners
• Exam Support
• Language Support.

Exam Support
You may be entitled to specialist assistance in your exams. A member of our team can assess your needs and arrangements will be made where applicable.

Literacy/Numeracy Support
Support may be available for learners who need to improve their reading, writing or numeracy skills. This could be in-class or additional sessions on a 1:1 or group basis.

Other General Learning Difficulties
If you have received additional support at school or feel that you would benefit from some additional support, we will meet with you to identify any specific requirements. This could be in-class or additional sessions on a 1:1 or group basis.

SpLD, including Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia, ASD
If you have a diagnosed SpLD we can support you either individually, in a group or with assistive technology. We can also provide advice if you feel you might have a SpLD, but have not previously been diagnosed.

Hearing Impairment/D/deaf
A Communication Support Worker (CSW) can be provided to support learners in and out of class. Specialist equipment and resources are available to meet the needs of individual learners.

Medical/Physical Disability
We have a wide range of equipment available for learners. Learning Support Assistants are available across all sites to support learners who may require assistance with medical/physical needs.

Visual Impairment
The College’s Transcription Service is able to adapt course materials to individual learners’ requirements and we can provide other assistive technology depending on requirements.

Language Support
Learners will be assessed by the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) team and appropriate support determined. For further information, please contact the team on 01708 455011 ext. 2150.

Student Booklet - Download here

To view one of our Success Stories follow the link Abbie's Story

Children & Families Act, 2014

Havering College SEND Offer - Download here

Transition Support for Learners - Download here

Useful Links for Parents

The SEND Code of Practice

The SEND guide for Parents [gov.uk] 

Parents feel more supported ahead of radical SEND reforms [gov.uk ]

SEND Jargon Buster [ IPSEA]

Local Authority Duties to Young People with SEN/Disabilities [IPSEA]

The Corporation of Governors provides appropriate support and challenge to the College’s senior management team, contributing to the strategic oversight of the College.

Our governors are professional people bringing their skills and expertise from various areas of industry. Governors have close working links with the College's senior management, but are not involved in the actual management of the College themselves. Students and staff are represented on the Governing Body.

Roles and responsibilities of the corporation

The Governing Board as a whole and individual governors have a central role and a key contribution to make to the continuing development of the College. The Board’s position is based on statute with the control of the College vested in the Governing Board. The Board, in essence, represents the interest of the local community, including the business community, and the public interest in general.

The board is there to oversee the operation of the College and ensure it provides what the community needs in a way that reflects the highest professional and ethical standards and makes best use of resources. It is accountable for the quality of the College’s services, its financial solvency and its sound management. It is specifically accountable for the proper use of the public funds the College receives.

In carrying out these responsibilities there is a clear distinction between governance and management. The governors provide oversight, monitoring and strategic direction. The operations and management of the College are the responsibility of the Principal, who is appointed by and is directly accountable to the Board.

You can request a copy of the College's Strategic Plan by emailing
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Useful Links:
pdfCombined Terms of Reference 2015/16
pdfInstrument & Articles of Government 2015/16
pdfPublic Value Statement
pdfProcedures for Handling Complaints against the Corporation - July 2013
pdfStanding Orders 2015/16

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Maria Thompson - Principal & Chief Executive

Maria Thompson - Principal & Chief Executive

Maria Thompson joined the college in July 2001 as Director of Studies for Business & Management and was appointed as Vice Principal with responsibility for the Curriculum, Quality and Student Achievement in January 2003 and in 2008 was appointed as Deputy Principal. In January 2012 Maria was appointed Principal Designate and took up her role...

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Stan Rose - Chair

Stan Rose - Chair

Stan’s association with the College dates from 1974, when he was a visiting lecturer on the North East Thames Regional Health Authority Senior Nursing Management courses. He subsequently lectured on numerous management courses, held by the College for the NHS, and was a visiting lecturer at the NHS Regional Training Centre. As a member of the College’s...

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Dawn Samwell - Vice Chair

Dawn Samwell - Vice Chair

Dawn is currently working at the Department for Education (DfE) as a policy advisor and is qualified project manager. Since joining the DfE, Dawn has worked on a number of high profile policy projects which include, establishing the Teaching Agency and the undertaking of Ministerial policy priorities. Her current role includes liaison with schools, local...

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Ruth Eisenberg

Ruth Eisenberg

Ruth is Director, Finance & Administration, at Carers UK, a charity which works to improve the lives of unpaid carers. She joined the Corporation in 2010. Ruth is a chartered accountant. She worked for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales as Student Counsellor and on education and training policy and was a charity...

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Peter Hart

Peter Hart

Peter is a partner at Geoffrey Martin & Co, an independent business recovery and turnaround practice based in central London. Peter has worked in the business recovery sector for over 20 years and provides advisory services to a wide range of companies and individuals facing financial difficulties. Peter is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner and sits on...

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Garrett Hill

Garrett Hill

Garrett Studied an AVCE in performing arts at Epping Forest College. After completing the course he took a gap year and became the Sabbatical President of the Students Union at Epping Forest College. During his time as President, he also became a Student Governor and a Trustee of Voluntary Action Epping Forest. Garrett then went to University...

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Eric Hindson

 Eric Hindson

Eric is a partner at Littlejohn LLP Chartered Accountants, a top 30 firm of chartered accountants based at Canary Wharf. He is a qualified chartered accountant and heads the Littlejohn trade association team. He provides audit, accountancy and business advice to SMEs, Trade Associations, smaller listed companies and the UK subsidiaries of international companies. Eric joined...

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Andreyana Ivanova

Andreyana Ivanova

Andreyana is an Equality and Diversity (E&D) Practitioner with a wide public sector experience gained within the Greater London Authority, other local authorities and third sector organisations. She is currently working as a Diversity Advisor at the London Borough of Havering. Throughout the years Andreyana has not only developed in-depth E&D expertise, but has also acquired...

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Geoff Morgan

Geoff Morgan

Geoff Morgan worked for four international organisations. He started his career as a graduate trainee with Ford Motor Company and worked there for 10 years in a variety of different employee relations positions which included an assignment to the Ford Press Office. He then moved to the City of London to join JP Morgan, the...

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John Morris

John Morris

John has been Headteacher at Ardleigh Green Junior School for over 20 years. In addition to leading a school judged to be outstanding by Ofsted he is a Leading Learner of Education responsible for supporting schools in challenging circumstances. John joined the Corporation in March 2012 and is a member of the Curriculum, Business and Community...

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Colin Vaughan

Colin Vaughan

Colin is the Tool Room Manager at Ford Motor Company. He joined the Corporation in June 2007 and the Chairman of the Audit Committee and a member of the Accommodation Strategy Committee. Colin has worked for Ford since 1970; he has experience covering all aspects of Human Resource management, Safety management and is responsible for the provision...

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Havering College's Jubliee Restaurant

Themed dining at the Jubilee Restaurant

Join us for fine dining, lunch and high tea throughout the year as well as our special themed events. Great food and great value.

Gourmet Dinner £18.50

A five course meal with coffee, served from 7pm.

Thursday Evening Fine Dining £14.50

A choice of a 3 course meal with coffee, served from 7pm every Thursday.

Afternoon Tea £7.50

(Cold & hot sandwiches, scones, cakes and tea)

*Royal Afternoon Tea £10.95

(Served with a glass of Champagne or Pimm's Cocktail)


A choice of a three course meal with coffee for £8.50.

Term time opening hours Tuesday to Friday, 12pm — 3pm (last orders 12:45pm).

The lunch menu changes weekly  reflecting the students' course requirements to cover national, international and classical cuisine.

Lunch Opening Days and Theme Menu's

Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

We ask for a deposit of £2 per person to guarantee your booking for parties of more than six. A cancellation fee of £2 per person applies if you don't notify the restaurant 24 hours in advance of a cancellation.

For further details and bookings, contact the Restaurant Manager on 01708 462886.

pdfDownload the Jubilee Restaurant Newsletter

pdfDownload our Programme of Events

Havering College has a long held commitment to Equality and Diversity.  The college’s values are of being passionate about teaching and learning and our students’ success, being innovative, optimistic and inclusive.  It is vital to us that every learner has the chance to succeed at the college and to this end we have an identified route map to embrace, plan and monitor the promotion and implementation of our equality and diversity strategies led by our Vice Principal for Teaching, Learning and Success. 

As a reflective organisation we recognise we can learn from others so we work with other organisations who can help us with this agenda, for example the Network for Black Professionals, Ashiana and Stonewall amongst others.  We believe this results in a harmonious community of both staff and students and we endeavour to ensure we support the whole individual and their personal identity.

Maria Thompson
Principal and Chief Executive

Equality and Diversity Annual Report - Download here

Some interesting facts you may not be aware of about the college and its community:

Our Staff

  • The College employs staff aged from 18-74
  • The gender balance is 36% male, 64% female. In management roles 56% of post holders are female and 44% male. In teaching posts the gender balance is 51% female and 49% male.
  • 25% of our staff are from a non-white British background. Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups make up 25.5% of our management staff, 25% of teaching staff and 14.8% of support staff. This is above the geographic average of 12.4% for the London Borough of Havering (2014).
  • 11.5% of our staff have a declared disability.
  • 85% of staff have declared their sexual orientation and 1.6% of our staff have declared themselves as LGB.
  • Our staff is made up of diverse cultural backgrounds and followers of more than 10 faiths and beliefs. The College actively encourages respect and acceptance of different cultural backgrounds to enable staff to promote and demonstrate values of inclusivity, openness and tolerance

Our learners

  • 58% of our students are male and 42% are female.
  • 43% of our students come from BME groups.
  • 9% of our learners declare themselves to have a learning difficulty or disability.
  • All of students have a compulsory tutorial on Equality and Diversity.

Check out our Annual Reports, Equality Objectives, FAQs, Action Plans and details about what we did for Black History Month.

See also our creating a pdfrespectful and harmonious college community booklet.

*Data correct as of August 2015

Logo h b


The Retreat is a professional hair & beauty training salon situated within Havering College, Ardleigh Green Road, Hornchurch. 

We offer a wide range of professional beauty & hair treatments. Our salons are equipped with state of the art facilities and professional products and equipment.

As a L'Oréal Flagship salon, we pride ourselves on ensuring an excellent customer experience and providing the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

All our treatments are carried out by our trainee professionals under the supervision of fully qualified and industry experienced lecturers.

Treatments are priced to reflect the fact that we are a training establishment.

Come along and experience our treatments.

Opening times

Monday 9am - 8pm
Tuesday 9am - 8pm
Wednesday 9am - 8pm
Thursday 9am - 8pm
Friday 9am - 5pm

To book an appointment now please call 01708 462814

For all of our special offers and appointment availability updates, like our Facebook page:

The Retreat Hair & Beauty Facebook Page   The Retreat Hair & Beauty Salon Facebook Page

Foundation Skills prepare students for everyday life. We find that as students learn skills and explore new interests so they grow in independence and confidence. Courses take place in special facilities with lots of support and individual contact. The Bungalow is a great new facility which helps students with complex needs. Students join us for Foundation Skills courses from Entry 1 through to Entry 3 and then onto Level 1. All our courses have been awarded Grade 1, Outstanding by Ofsted.

Entry 1 and 2

Students come to College four days a week to learn at this level. In groups of 8-12, we concentrate on helping students develop life skills and grow in independence through sessions including:

  • Cooking and healthy living
  • Creativity and home craft
  • Horticulture
  • Travel experience
  • Music
  • Enterprise

Students also learn English, maths and ICT skills for use in everyday life and take part in a supported work placement with the College.

Havering College Foundation Skills-

Entry 3 and Level 1

Students attend College for three days a week for Entry 3 and Level 1 courses. In groups of 10-12, students consolidate and develop their independence and life skills. At this level we also start to develop students' employability through vocational and enterprise skills sessions. We also arrange supported work experience for students. Alongside English, maths and ICT, sessions include:

  • Personal and social development
  • Work skills
  • Vocational skills (students choose from business and retail or sport and leisure)
  • Enterprise
Contact us

To find out more contact Sharon Mills on 01708 455011 ex 4096.

2015 Havering College Safeguarding CardHavering College is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for all children and vulnerable adult learners and accepts the responsibility to help safeguard and protect them from harm.

Every member of staff has a responsibility to help ensure the safety and welfare of learners.

Student Support and Retention Officers are staff who support students alongside the academic team. They are integral to supporting students and very often students will use them to confide in when personal issues arise. The Student Support and Retention Officer will often signpost the students to Student Services for specialist help. The Student Support and Retention Officers meet termly with the designated Safeguarding Officers to discuss student issues and plan new support developments. They are available to support students in relation to safeguarding issues.

The Designated Officers are senior college staff equipped with specific training and skills to deal with safeguarding issues for both students and staff.

2015 HAvering College Safeguarding Poster


Meet the pdfSafeguarding team.

View our pdfSafeguarding leaflet.

2015 HAvering College Safeguarding Leaflet


Help with applying and enrolling on your course

Choosing the right course is a big decision and we want to help you get it right. If you need advice you can call on our team of qualified advisors at Admissions.

We’re available throughout the year and you don’t even need to make an appointment to see us, simply drop in during our open hours. You’ll find us next to the main reception at Ardleigh Green and Quarles campuses.

Opening times

Ardleigh Green
Mon to Thurs 9am - 8.30pm (closing at 4.30pm out of term time)
Fri 9am - 5pm during term time (closing at 4.30pm out of term time)

Quarles (only open during term time)
Mon, Tues and Thurs 9am - 4.30pm
Friday 9am – 4.15pm

Getting in touch

You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01708 462801.

Our address is:

Havering College of Further & Higher Education
Ardleigh Green Road
RM11 2LL

We’ve been awarded the matrix quality standard for information, advice and guidance service.


StonewallThank you for your interest in working for Havering College.

Please click here for details of our current vacancies. Note that our vacancies are updated here and on aocjobs.com and fejobs.com several times each week, so you may want to check back again soon if you have not found what you are looking for straight away.

Network of Black ProfessionalsTo apply download and complete this application form.

If you have any queries or feedback, please contact the HR Team on 01708 462847 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Student Services

Student Services are here to support and encourage you while you study at Havering College. We want our students to achieve and sometimes that means some support is necessary to aid academic success.

The service operates across all College sites to ensure that students have access to the support they might need. This includes information, advice and guidance, financial assistance, personal support, counselling, careers guidance, extra-curricular activities including sport and lots of enjoyable ways to spend your free time.

We understand that sometimes, through no fault of your own, learning can be the last thing on your mind if money worries or other distractions are disrupting your studies. Student Services is a well-qualified and experienced team that can guide you and help to make your time at Havering College as enjoyable as possible.

Helping You Settle In

As a student you will attend an induction session at the beginning of your course to introduce you to the services and facilities available throughout your studies. In addition to this, our Welcome Event gives you the opportunity to meet with students on other courses and find out more about the benefits of being a student.

Personal Support for Students

Student Development Workers offer one to one support and guidance to students, in particular those who are experiencing personal difficulties or feel vulnerable. Student Support & Retention Officers support students who may not otherwise be able to complete their course and are the first point of contact for absence reporting.

Student Services works alongside other College staff to safeguard students of all ages.

Higher Education Student Development Workers

There are two members of staff dedicated to working with Higher Education students to provide information, advice and support for various issues students may face during their studies.

LGBTA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally)

There is a LGBTA Student Social and Support Group which meets on a regular basis. This group offers support from peers and staff, social events and the opportunity to get involved in promoting LGBT equality.

You will join a committed and highly enthusiastic group of students and find a warm and supportive environment, learning skills, knowledge and values that will equip you for your chosen career.

We integrate service users and carers in all elements of our programme from selection of staff and students through to assessments and involvement in programme management.

The programme is divided into three phases, the Foundation phase, the Intermediate phase and the Final phase. Students achieve learning both through college based blocks of teaching and through practice learning opportunities. Students must evidence 'fitness for practice' in the Foundation phase of their study.

Students will complete one 80 day period of assessed practice within a suitable agency in the Intermediate phase and 120 days in the Final phase. Suitably qualified and experienced practitioners assess both periods of practice. In college you will experience good quality teaching on a variety of topics.

The modules are made up of 15 credit points or combinations of 15 credit points. A student needs 120 credit points at each level of the course to be awarded the BA (Hons) in Social Work, which totals 360 credits.

The modules are designed to be developmental – leading students through the required skills and knowledge to practice as a qualified social worker.

Specific description of the module contents for each phase can be seen by further navigation on the menu to the left.

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Working with employers

Work with us and be confident your business training is in safe hands. We’ve got a great track record with many of our business customers returning to us again and again for recruitment and training.

So what’s the secret to our success? The quality of our training plays a big role. We’re OFSTED commended and preferred suppliers for Apprenticeships. We also recruit professionals from within the industry to teach on a great choice of courses from entry level and learning support, through to degree.

Our responsiveness helps too. We like to listen before we act. You can expect to be treated individually - we think it’s important we understand the pressures you face running your business. It means we can develop a training programme that maximises impact and your return on investment.

When you start working with us your first step will be to meet with your sector specialist account manager. Not only are our account managers up to date with the latest trends, legislation and skill shortages in your industry, they want to understand your business too.

Contact our Business Development team

Call on: 01708 462800
or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Term Dates 2015/2016

Autumn Term: 7 September 2015 – 18 December 2015
Spring Term: 4 January 2016 – 23 March 2016
Summer Term: 11 April 2016 – 24 June 2016

Open Days

Visit the Open Events page to see upcoming open days.

Disability Access

If you require assistance to attend any of these events or would like information on accessibility, please contact a member of the team on 01708 455011 ext 2128 or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Learning Support can offer assistance to people who have / are:

  • A physical disability
  • Deaf or hard of hearing
  • A visual impairment
  • Learning Difficulties / Disabilities

Entering Higher Education can be a life changing experience for students…it can also be a very worrying time. There is so much you have to find out! Don’t worry…help is at hand. Students can access assistance with both financial and personal issues from Student Services. The College offers a wide range of support services designed to provide information, advice, practical help and support.

To help students get to know exactly what’s happening and to settle into College life we have Welcome Fairs at both campuses. A number of providers will be available to speak to students about the perks of being a student and this event provides the perfect opportunity to meet your fellow students!

The centre offers students a place to study and relax. There are computing facilities available together with rooms for group and tutorial work and a social area for students.

An Apprenticeship with Havering College is a great way to start your career

Earn while you learn – the best of both worlds

An Apprenticeship is a real job in a real working environment, combining on the job training in the workplace with formal training towards a recognised qualification gained at college.

  • Progress your career – employers recognise and value Apprenticeships so you will have a good foundation from which to start.
  • Achieve sought after qualifications – Apprenticeships set the standards for work-based learning.
  • Learn job specific skills – work alongside experienced staff to gain the best skills.
  • Top quality training – 'on the job' experience – 'off the job' training at college.
  • Earn a salary – be part of the team, make a difference.

What is a Study Programme?

A study programme is a balanced programme of study designed to provide young people with skills and qualifications that will help them to find work or to progress into higher levels of learning. It is made up of a main area of study – referred to as a "substantial qualification" – which will make up around half of the programme. This could be A levels*, GCSEs, a BTEC or other vocational qualification such as a diploma. The rest of the programme will be made up of work experience, work skills (employability and enterprise), and English and Maths. English and maths are now compulsory for all learners aged 16-18 who do not have GCSE grade C or over in these subjects.

It is important to note that learners must attend and complete all elements of their Study Programme. This includes English and maths. This is a government requirement. Non-attendance at any part of the programme may result in the learner being asked to leave the college.

*Please note that this college does not offer A levels.

Have you thought about an apprenticeship?

Click here for more information

LRC logo smallOur Learning Resources Centres (LRC) support teaching and enhance the learning experience of our students. The college provides a world of specialist multimedia study resources which are available at your fingertips, including an interlending service with the British Library, making sure those hard-to-get items are well within your reach.

Facilities include many study spaces, open access PCs, audio/visual playback, laser printing, scanning and photocopying, as well as stationery and book sales. There are a number of items of specialist equipment for users with special needs.

The Centres have long opening hours in term-time and shorter access during vacations.


For further information about LRC services, contact the LRCs on:

01708 462759 at Quarles Campus
01708 462758 at Ardleigh Green
01708 462760 at Rainham

or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Havering College Enterprise and Employability Hub

Havering College's Enterprise & Employability Hub provides students with the opportunity to enhance their enterprise and employability skills through a series of study programmes, events, workshops and competitions. We also offer one to one support with job search, applying for vacancies and other opportunities via our drop in facility at the Enterprise Hub in the Square at Ardleigh Green, open 8:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday.

Enterprise and Employability Hub Twitter FeedYou can also follow us on Twitter for all of our apprenticeship vacancies and more exciting news on how you can get involved.