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1. Establishing excellent Employer relationships
  • provide sufficient, adequate and easy feedback mechanisms
  • establish an effective account management system
  • make clear the employer journey
  • develop new and effective ways of communicating with employers and securing their voice (and responding to it).
2. Developing a responsive and professional workforce
  • ensure all college staff are regularly updated with the changing needs and practice of industry
  • provide dedicated Employer Engagement training
  • ensure staff are more sector aware and
  • inculcate a culture responsive to employers throughout the college encourage industrial activity and placements.
3. Developing and delivering provision to meet employer needs
  • maintain and expand representation on all key local and regional and national skills forums such as those organised by the SSCs, LSCs and LDA
  • develop sector specific strategies with associated targets in line with sector skills council priorities
  • increase the use of market analysis by identifying formal points and thereby enable the college to be proactive in addressing changing employer needs
  • provide a work related component to all full time programmes across both FE and HE sectors, identifying where gaps exist and responding to those gaps.
4. Excelling at internal business processes which underpin our response to employers
  • ensure the college has effective quality assurance processes relating to employer-led activity
  • deliver effective and cost efficient programmes to employers
  • secure current and accurate employer voice so it can inform business processes
  • establish and develop an effective CRM which supports activity and provides appropriate information for analysis
  • evaluate and report on employer engagement activity in a timely and informed manner
  • measure and evaluate performance against external quality marks e.g. TQS to ensure a process of continuous improvement.
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